Thursday, October 26, 2006

CDV's Lost & Found playlist for 10/26/06

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Playlist for Tuesday 10/24/2006, with your host, Larry "Mad Dog" Miller


Vince Martin and Fred Neil: “I Know You Rider”
Bob Gibson and Bob (Hamilton) Camp: “Betty and Dupree” (Live at the Gate of Horn)
Bud and Travis: “Malaguena Salerosa” (Live in concert- 1960)


Bert Jansch and John Renbourn: “Soho”
Simon and Garfunkel: “Patterns”
Frank and Tony: “Work Song”
Art and Paul: “Tim-a-ridey-o”


Holy Modal Rounders (Stampfel and Weber) “Fiddler a Dram”
Kweskin Jug Band (Geoff Muldaur and Maria D’Amato) “Chevrolet”
Mimi and Richard Farina: “Reno Nevada”
Jim and Jean: “Stranger in a Strange Land”
Ian and Sylvia: “Changes”


Kathy and Carol: “Green, Green”
Chad and Jeremy: “I’ll Get Around To It When I Can”
Peter and Gordon: “Flower Lady”
Twice as Much: “Sitting on a Fence”


Loggins and Messina: “So Fine”
Righteous Brothers: “Dr. Rock and Roll”
Sonny and Cher: “You Don’t Love Me”
Delaney and Bonnie: “Someday”

Partners in Crime:

Flo and Eddie: “Keep It Warm”
Seals and Crofts: “Euphrates”
Crosby and Nash: “To The Last Whale (Wind on the Water)”


Brewer and Shipley: “Wichitai-to”
England Dan and John Ford Coley: “I Hear the Music”
Batdorf and Rodney: “Don’t You Hear Me Calling” (request!)
Hall and Oates: “You’ll Never Learn”

Two more for the Road:

Siegal-Schwall Band: “Hush-Hush” (live)

Today's Breaks background music by British guitarists Bert and John

Next week: Eli’s Halloween Special!

Monday, October 23, 2006

October 23, 2006 Playlist w/ Host Bob Dubrow

Background music provided by Thrillington (ie. Paul McCartney) - Thrillington (orchestral versions of Ram recorded 1971, released 1977)

Set 01:
1. Greenslade - "Sunkissed You're Not" (Bedside Manners Are Extra 1973)
2. Snakegrinder - "Better Late Than Frozen" (...And the Shredded Fieldmice 1977)
3. Culpeper's Orchard - "Mountain Music Part 2" (Culpeper's Orchard 1970)
4. Listening - "See You Again" (Listening 1968)

Set 02:
1. Tages - "I Read You Like an Open Book" (1968 from V/A: Nuggets II compilation 2001)
2. Ronnie Burns - "Exit Stage Right" (1967 from V/A: Nuggets II compilation 2001)
3. Blossom Toes - "When the Alarm Clock Rings" (1967 from V/A: Nuggets II compilation 2001)
4. Scrugg - "I Wish I Was Five" (which I mistakenly played in place of a song by The Factory, and mistakenly identified as such as well...but despite my fumbling, it proved to be a great track!) (1968 from V/A: Nuggets II compilation 2001)
5. Sands - "Listen to the Sky" (1967 from V/A: Nuggets II compilation 2001)
6. Frigid Pink - "We're Gonna Be There" (1971 bonus track from Defrosted CD re-release 1991)
7. Thrillington - "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" (Thrillingon 1977)

Set 03:
1. Keith Christmas - "Lover's Cabaret" (Brighter Days 1974)
2. Batdorf & Rodney - "Oh My Surprise" (Off the Shelf 1971)
3. Biff Rose - "Mama's Boy" (Thorn in Mrs. Rose's Side 1968)
4. The First Class - "What Became of Me" (Summer Sound Sensations 1974)
5. Charles Manson - "Is There No One in your World But You?" (1970 from The Family Jams 1997)
6. We Five - "Poet" (Make Someone Happy 1967)

Set 04:
1. The Soup Greens - "That's Too Bad" (1965 from That's Too Bad compilation 2004)
2. Young Alley Cats - "Since She's Been Gone" (1966 from V/A: Trip in Tyme Vol. 2 compilation)
3. Giorgio - "How Much Longer Must I Wait, Wait" (1967 from V/A: We Can Fly Vol. Five compilation 2004)
4. Senator Bobby - "Wild Thing" (1967 from V/A: Sixties Rebellion Vol. 12: Demented compilation 1994)
5. Leon Russell & Marc Benno - "Icicle Star Tree" (Look Inside the Asylum Choir 1968)
6. Godfrey - "Let's Take a Trip" (196? from V/A: Sixties Rebellion Vol. 12: Demented compilation 1994)
7. Fred Gerlach - "Devil's Brew" (1975 from V/A: Imaginational Anthems Volume Two compilation 2006)
8. The Emperor - "I'm Normal" (1966 from V/A: Sixties Rebellion Vol. 12: Demented compilation 1994)

Final Song (unfortunately sliced off halfway through due to spastic knuckles): Bent Wind - "Riverside" (1969 bonus track from Sussex CD re-release 2001)

Friday, October 20, 2006

October 20, 2006, playlist with host Alex McNeil

A salute to Chuck Berry, who celebrated his 80th birthday on October 18.
1. Rolling Stones - Come On (CD, 1963)
2. Rolling Stones - Carol (LP, 1970)
3. Beatles - Carol (BBC, CD, 1963)
4. Animals - Around and Around (CD, 1964)
5. Kinks - Beautiful Delilah (CD, 1964)
6. Yardbirds - Too Much Monkey Business (CD, 1964)
7. Dave Clark Five - Reelin' and Rockin' (CD, 1965)
8. Bill Black's Combo - Little Queenie (CD, 1964)
9. Chuck Berry - Rock and Roll Music (alt. version, LP, 1957)
10. Jerry Lee Lewis - Sweet Little Sixteen (LP, 1978)
11. Buddy Holly - Brown Eyed Handsome Man (CD, 1957)
12. Hasil Adkins - Memphis (CD)
13. Velaires - Roll Over Beethoven (45, 1961)
14. Everly Brothers - Maybellene (CD, 1965)
15. Lonnie Mack - Memphis (CD, 1963)
16. Lovin' Spoonful - Almost Grown (CD, 1965)
17. Youngbloods - Too Much Monkey Business (LP, 1968)
18. Blues Project - You Can't Catch Me (LP, 1966)
19. Ronny & Daytonas - Back in the USA (CD, 1965)
20. Dion - Johnny B. Goode (CD, 1964)
21. James Burton - Johnny B. Goode (CD, 1971)
22. Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell (stereo mix, LP, 1964)
23. Emmylou Harris - You Never Can Tell (LP, 1977)
24. Aaron Neville - You Never Can Tell (CD, 1993)
25. Ronnie Lane - You Never Can Tell (LP, 1975)
26. Kaleidoscope - You Never Can Tell (LP, 1977)
27. Bill Black's Combo - Carol (CD, 1964)
28. Daddy Cool - School Days (LP, 1971)
29. Easybeats - Little Queenie (CD)
30. Peter Tosh - Johnny B. Goode (LP, 1983)
31. Bill Black's Combo - Johnny B. Goode (CD, 1964)
32. Dave Edmunds - Promised Land (LP, 1971)
33. Dave Edmunds - Let It Rock (LP, 1975)
34. Pretty Things - Oh Baby Doll (CD)
35. Geoff & Maria Muldaur - Havana Moon (LP, 1972)
36. Maureen Tucker - Around and Around (LP, 1981)
37. Jimi Hendrix - Johnny B. Goode (LP, 1970)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

CDV's playlist for 10/19/06

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 - Eli Polonsky

My first solo show of this seasons bi-weekly arrangement,
alternating Tuesdays with Larry Miller!

(R) = By Request

01. Velvet Underground - What Goes On
02. Traffic - Empty Pages
03. Sons Of Champlin - Hello Sunlight (R)
04. Electric Flag - Groovin' Is Easy
05. Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Too Many Do
06. Jefferson Airplane - If You Feel
07. Moby Grape - Omaha (R)
08. The Byrds - Have You Seen Her Face
09. Love - Live And Let Live
10. The Wildweeds - No Good To Cry (R-belated)
11. Blues Magoos - Pipe Dream
12. Electric Prunes - Get Me To The World On Time
13. Chocolate Watchband - In The Past
14. Buffalo Springfield - Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
15. The Blues Project - Fly Away
16. Clear Light - Mr. Blue (R)
17. Tom Paxton - Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues
18. Grand Funk Railroad - Are You Ready (R)
19. Jimi Hendrix - Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
20. Man - Life On The Road (R)
21. Bonnie Raitt - Bluebird
22. read L&F concert report- bed music: Spirit - Elijah
23. Bob Weir (w/the Dead) - Playing In The Band
24. Tim Buckley - Once I Was
25. Pearls Before Swine - Another Time

Larry Miller's on next Tuesday, and I'm back on the 31'st for my
"Lost & Found" Halloween special and 50'th birthday celebration!

Eli Polonsky

Friday, October 13, 2006

October 13, 2006, playlist with host Alex McNeil

I. A short set observing Friday the 13th:
1. Steely Dan - Black Friday (LP, 1975)
2. Jeff Beck Group - I Ain't Superstitious (LP, 1968)
3. Albert King - Born Under a Bad Sign (CD, 1967)
4. Fred Mollin - Friday the 13th: The Series - Opening Titles (LP, 1988)

II. More "treasures" from the WMBR record library (all from LP):
5. Mom's Apple Pie - I Just Wanna Make Love to You (1972)
6. Mount Rushmore - Stone Free (1968)
7. Mt. Airy - Take Me in Your Arms (1973)
8. Aorta - Strange (1969)
9. Barbara Keith - All Along the Watchtower (1972)
10. Jo-Ann Kelly - Sit Down on My Knee (1969)
11. Judy Mayhan - The Dolphins (1971)
12. Bonnie White - Brother Orchid (1970?)
13. Florence Warner - It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference (1974)
14. John & Beverley Martyn - Go Out and Get It (1969)
15. Clifford T. Ward - Time the Magician (1973)
16. McDonald & Giles - Is She Waiting (1971)
17. Clark-Hutchinson - Improvizations on a Modal Scale (1969)
18. Mike D'Abo - Belinda (1972)
19. Bobby Whitlock - You Came Along (1972)
20. Leslie West - Long Red (1969)
21. Hookfoot - Bluebird (1971)
22. Frummox - Song for Stephen Stills (1969)
23. Paupers - Think I Care (1967)
24. Brute Force - Tapeworm of Love (1966)
25. Steve Baron Quartet - Mr. Green (1969)
26. Ron Nagle - Frank's Store (1971)
27. William Truckaway - (forgot to note the title) (1971)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

CDV's Lost & Found playlist for 10/12/06

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006 with your host, Larry Miller

No particular agenda today, folks-


Faces/Rod Stewart: “Had Me A Real Good Time”
Delaney and Bonnie- “They Call It Rock and Roll:”
Leon Russell: “A Hard Rain’s A-gonna Fall”
Grateful Dead: “Easy Wind” (Mr. Pen on lead vocals)


Blues Project: “Flute Thing”
Jethro Tull: “Bouree”
Blood Sweat and Tears: “The Modern Adventures of Plato, Diogenes and Freud” (Maybe Al Kooper’s finest moment...)
The Electric Flag: “Sitting in Circles”

The Adventures of Jack the Bruce:

Jack Bruce: “Theme For an Imaginary Western” (Live)
West, Bruce and Laing: “Out Into the Fields”
Bruce, Lordin and Trower: “It’s Too Late” (1981, but what the hell...)
Cream: “ Passing the Time”

More Artsy:

Procol Harum: “Bringing Home the Bacon”
Traffic: “Vagabond Virgin”
Pink Floyd: “Fearless” (How’d they get all those soccer fans into the studio?)
Yes: “Time and a Word”

And now for something entirely different:

Arlo Guthrie: “I’m Going Home”
Alexander ‘Skip’ Spence: “Little Hands” (the one REALLY good cut on Oar)
Little Feat: “Got No Shadow”

Wooden music:

Neil Young: “Ambulance Blues” (request)
Bob Dylan: “I Don’t Believe You” (from Another Side of...)

Closers: Yer Blues..

Taj Mahal: “Fishing Blues”
Ry Cooder: “Money Honey”
Johnny Winter: “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl”
Paul Butterfield: “Shake Your Money Maker” (Mike Bloomfield on slide guitar)

And that’s it for another Bad Acid Flashback- Eli is on next week.

Monday, October 09, 2006

October 9 Playlist w/ Host Bob Dubrow

Background music provided by Ananda Shankar - Ananda Shankar (1970)

Set 01:
1. John Entwistle - "My Size" (Smash Your Head Against the Wall 1971) BORN THIS DAY IN 1944
2. The Pretty Things - "October 26 (Revolution)" (1970 from Still Unrepentant compilation 2004)
3. Mott the Hoople - "Whizz Kid" (Mott 1973)
4. Tamam Shud - "Music Train/Evolution" (Evolution 1969)
5. Locomotive - "Coming Down/Love Song For the Dead Che" (We Are Everything You See 1970)

Set 02:
1. Jackson Browne - "Before the Deluge (Late For the Sky 1974) BORN THIS DAY IN 1948
2. Clifford T. Ward - "Wherewithal" (1973 from V/A: Zigzag: 20 Junkshop Soft Rock Singles 1970-1974 compilation 2003)
3. Mike Corbett & Jay Hirsh with Hugh McCracken- "Gypsy Child" (Mike Corbett & Jay Hirsh with Hugh McCracken 1971)
4. Dillard & Clark - "In the Plan" (The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark 1968)
5. Cosmic Michael - "Woodstock Nation" (A fter A While 1970)
6. Mark Fosson - "Cosmic Hiccup" (1977 from The Lost Takoma Sessions 2006)
7. Hot Tuna - "True Religion" (9/18/69 bonus track from CD re-release of Hot Tuna 1996)
8. Fifth Flight - "Sugar Mountain" (Into Smoke Tree Village 1973)

Set 03:
1. Roy Buchanan - "Down By the River" (November 1974 Town Hall, NYC previously unreleased live track from Sweet Dreams: The Anthology compilation 1992)
2. Dakota - "I've Been Told Before" (Dakota 1976)
3. Orphan Egg - "Look at me" (Orphan Egg 1968)
4. Batdorf & Rodney - "Under Fire" (Batdorf & Rodney 1972)

Set 04:
1. John Lennon - "How Do You Sleep?" (1971 8-track Imagine sessions from Anthology box set 1998) BORN THIS DAY IN 1940
2. The Nazz - "Sydney's Lunchbox" (1969 Nazz Nazz outtake from Nazz Nazz Including Nazz III in The Fungo Bat Sessions 2006)
3. The English Congregation - "Whiter Shade of Pale" (Softly Whispering I Love You 1972)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

CDV's Lost and Found Playlist for 10/5/06

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tuesday October 3rd, with Larry Miller and Eli Polonsky

The Eli and Larry Show!

We kick off the new season of Lost and Found on WMBR with a (you’ll pardon the expression) joint production. During the coming season, we will take turns and appear on alternate Tuesdays. Next week it’ll be Larry, then Eli, and so forth. The Tuesday edition will continue to explore the FM side of the radio dial from the 60’s and early 70’s.

Here’s the show:

Califrisco, Sanifornia:

Grateful Dead: “China Cat Sunflower” (original mix, from Aoxomoxoa)
Quicksilver Messenger Service: “Pride of Man”
Serpent Power: “Gently, Gently” (another less well-known Frisco band)
Jefferson Airplane: “Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil”

Monterey Pop Festival: (Larry was there!)

Eric Burdon and the Animals: “Warm San Franciscan Nights”
Scott McKenzie: “San Francisco” (with the out-of-tune Mamas and Papas backup band.)
Country Joe and the Fish: “Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine”
Jimi Hendrix: “Like a Rolling Stone”

The Bosstown Sound:

Ultimate Spinach: “Mind Flowers”
The Ramrods: “Flowers in My Mind”
Beacon Street Union: “Mystic Mourning”
Orpheus: “Congress Alley”

Folk Roots:

Jim Kweskin Jug Band: “New Minglewood Blues” (Geoff Muldaur. lead vocals)
Dave Van Ronk: “Cocaine Blues”
Holy Modal Rounders: “Euphoria”
Bob Dylan: “Baby Let Me Follow You Down”
Bob Dylan again: “She Belongs to Me”

Hollywood Drugstore Cowboys Ride Again:

Flying Burrito Brothers: “Luxury Liner” (Gram Parsons song)
Byrds: “Drugstore Truck Drivin’ Man” (More Gram?)
New Riders of the Purple Sage: “Henry” (Garcia on pedal steel)
Seatrain: “Willin’”


Rolling Stones: “High-heeled Sneakers” (bootleg EP)
Youngbloods: “Get Together” (sing in Italian!)
Masked Marauders: “Can’t Get no Nookie”

We are glad to have Eli back on Lost and Found on a regular basis, and we look forward to a great Fall season!