Saturday, October 25, 2014

Please follow our playlists on "Track-Blaster" and "Like" us on Facebook!

Hello, "Lost and Found" listeners!

We are no longer posting our playlists regularly on this blog, but most of us are now posting them on WMBR's "Track Blaster" playlist site, now used by most DJ's at WMBR.

To directly access the menu of posted playlists for the "Lost and Found" show only, please click here:

Also, for our "Lost and Found" DJ schedule posted weekly, announcements of special "Lost and Found" program events, daily postings for our shows (most of the time), photos, and other fun stuff, please go to and "like" our page on Facebook,

And, as always, you can email us and find links to audio archives of our last two weeks of shows on the WMBR program schedule section for "Lost and Found" here on this page:

Thanks very much for listening!

Eli Polonsky -
Tuesday host


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