Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Playlist for Tuesday 10/24/2006, with your host, Larry "Mad Dog" Miller


Vince Martin and Fred Neil: “I Know You Rider”
Bob Gibson and Bob (Hamilton) Camp: “Betty and Dupree” (Live at the Gate of Horn)
Bud and Travis: “Malaguena Salerosa” (Live in concert- 1960)


Bert Jansch and John Renbourn: “Soho”
Simon and Garfunkel: “Patterns”
Frank and Tony: “Work Song”
Art and Paul: “Tim-a-ridey-o”


Holy Modal Rounders (Stampfel and Weber) “Fiddler a Dram”
Kweskin Jug Band (Geoff Muldaur and Maria D’Amato) “Chevrolet”
Mimi and Richard Farina: “Reno Nevada”
Jim and Jean: “Stranger in a Strange Land”
Ian and Sylvia: “Changes”


Kathy and Carol: “Green, Green”
Chad and Jeremy: “I’ll Get Around To It When I Can”
Peter and Gordon: “Flower Lady”
Twice as Much: “Sitting on a Fence”


Loggins and Messina: “So Fine”
Righteous Brothers: “Dr. Rock and Roll”
Sonny and Cher: “You Don’t Love Me”
Delaney and Bonnie: “Someday”

Partners in Crime:

Flo and Eddie: “Keep It Warm”
Seals and Crofts: “Euphrates”
Crosby and Nash: “To The Last Whale (Wind on the Water)”


Brewer and Shipley: “Wichitai-to”
England Dan and John Ford Coley: “I Hear the Music”
Batdorf and Rodney: “Don’t You Hear Me Calling” (request!)
Hall and Oates: “You’ll Never Learn”

Two more for the Road:

Siegal-Schwall Band: “Hush-Hush” (live)

Today's Breaks background music by British guitarists Bert and John

Next week: Eli’s Halloween Special!


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