Friday, June 01, 2007

Coming: A 5 1/2-Hour Monterey Pop Extravaganza

Yes, we are rapidly approaching the summer of 2007, 40 years (just a drop in time) from the season of the The Monterey International Pop Festival and the Summer of Love. As you are probably aware, the commemorative media barrage has already begun. Why should Lost & Found be any different?

Because we ARE different. We are going to do it up right. On June 18th, exactly 40 years from the last day of Monterey Pop, we will broadcast live an extended 5 1/2-hour program (noon-5:30) featuring LOTS of unreleased material from the Fest (none of it in the 4-CD box set or the DVD box set or the forthcoming Starbucks 2-CD set), as well as some tracks that are readily available. Larry Miller and I will host the proceedings, me playing the curious, vicarious thrillseeker (and I've got all the rare musical goodies!), Larry playing (this ain't no act, kids!) the old unruffled hippie who WAS THERE! We'll see what other treats we can drum up, but you'll surely want to tune in for some amazing music and recollecting!

Addendum: Although Al Kooper (The Blues Project, Blood, Sweat & Tears, solo artist), assistant stage manager and a performer at the festival, will be recording in Los Angeles on the day of our Monterey Pop Special, he was kind enough to record 10 minutes worth of responses to my email questions. We will, of course, air his reminisces on the show. Thanks Al!

--Bob Dubrow


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