Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday May 16, 2007

Your guest host Keith from Breakfast of Champions here to provide a little noonday underground sunshine!

(12:00 noon - sunshiney pop)
The Blades of Grass - "Just Ah"
The Aerovons - "With Her"
The Canterbury Music Festival - "You're The Only Good For Me"
Honeybus- "She's Out There"
The Ballroom - "Magic Time"

(12:15 - pop on the edge of soul, female singer division)
The Raindrops - "The Kind of Boy You Can't Forget"
Donna Lynn - "I'd Much Rather Be With the Girls"
Dusty Springfield - "24 Hours from Tulsa"
The Cookies - "Only To Other People"

(12:30 - getting folkier, sorta)
Joe & Bing (aka Best of Friends) - "Fennario"
The Barbara Moore Singers - "Hey Robin"
Bill Fay - "We Have Laid Here"
Leonard Cohen - "Chelsea Hotel #2"
Bryan MacLean - "Alone Again Or (original demo)"

(12:45 - a few tales of debauchery and other assorted subjects)
Scott Walker - "The Girls From the Streets"
Gordon Lightfoot - "Go Go Round"
The Stained Glass - "My Buddy Sin"
The Garden of Eden - "Flower Man"

(1:00 - my half-hearted attempt at a prog rock set)
Atomic Rooster - "Sleeping For Years"
Amon Duul II - "Wolf City"
King Crimson - "In The Wake of Poseidon"

(1:15 - some sorta country rock hybrid set)
Grin - "White Lies"
The Flamin' Groovies - "Yesterday's Numbers"
Al Stewart - "Pretty Golden Hair"

(1:30 - trying to pick it up again)
The Pretty Things - "Walking Through My Dreams"
Badfinger - "Just A Chance"
The Nazz - "Only One Winner"
10cc - "Silly Love"

(1:45 - some more soft sounds)
The Collage - "My Mind's At Ease"
Thorinshield - "Brave New World"
The Gates of Eden - "No One Was There"
Peppermint Trolley Company - "9 O'Clock Business Man"

(1:55 - an aural handshake with Gorilla Got Me)
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - "Make Me Smile (Come Up And See)"

Thanks to Alex & the crew for letting me sit in!


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