Monday, December 05, 2005

December 5 Playlist w/ Host Bob Dubrow

Background music provided by Harvey Mandell - Baby Batter (1971)

Much of the music played today is from releases on the UK's Radioactive Records. Those songs are denoted with an asterisk. (Please see disclaimer below)

Set 01:
1. Phantom's Divine Comedy - "Calm Before the Storm" (Phantom's Divine Comedy Part 1 1974)
2. The Happy Dragon-Band - "3D, Free (Electronic)" (The Happy Dragon-Band 1978)*
3. Mike Furber - 'That's When Happiness Began" (Just a Poor Boy 1967)*
4. The Belfast Gypsies - It's All Over Now Baby Blue" (Them Belfast Gypsies 1967)
5. Peter Stark - "Raga For Bayleaf" (Mushroom Country 1976)*
6. Mushroom - "Standing Alone" (Early One Morning 1973)*

Set 02:
1. Relatively Clean Rivers "They Knew What to Say" (Relatively Clean Rivers 1975)*
2. The Boss Tweeds - "A Wristwatch Band" ( 196? from Psychedelic Unknowns Volume 7 compilation)
3. Champignons - "Le Chateau Haute" (Premiere Capsule 1972)*
4. Tom Waits - 'Diamonds on My Windshield" (1971 from The Early Years Vol. 2 compilation 1993)

Set 03:
1. Joe Pritchard & Gibraltar - "Blind Man" (Joe Pritchard & Gibraltar 1974)*
2. Debris' - "One Way Spit" (Static Disposal 1976)
3. Grotesque Mommies - "One Night Stand" (1966 from Grains of Time compilation)
4. The Pandamonium - I Am What I Am" (1970 from The Unreleased Album 2000)*
5. The Zoo - "Try Me" (Presents Chocolate Moose 1968)*
6. The Beathovens - "Summer Sun" (1966 from Diggin' For Gold Volume 1 compilation)

Set 04:
1. Jake Holmes - "Hard to Keep My Mind on You" (The Above Ground Sound of 1967)*
2. Jack London & The Sparrows - 'If You Don't Want Me" (Jack London & The Sparrows 1965)*
3. The Rising Sun "Wishin' & Hopin'" (Born to Be Wild 1969)*
4. Lime - "Love A Go-Go" (1968 from Gravel Volume 2 compilation)
5. ? Unknown Defect CD in a package proclaiming to be by 1970s band informed listener claims it is by an upstate NY band from 1977 called Bermuda Triangle - "Dream On"*
6. The Third Power - "Passed By" (cut-off due to deejay disgust) (Believe 1970)
7. Jesse Colin Young - "Song For Juli" (Song For Juli 1973)

Disclaimer: I have recently been made aware that it is quite likely that Radioactive is in the habit of illegally producing these CDs without permission from the artists. More than a handful of bands whose music has been put out on the label have made this claim. It has been said that much of their product is made via "unsanctioned needle drops": i.e. illegitimately processed from clean vinyl as opposed to the master tapes. So the moral question I sit here with is: Having come to this knowledge, should I be promoting the label by playing their goods on air?

And I have decided I am too much a music whore to ignore this music (which I always win on Ebay at reduced prices), very much still want to continue to share it with others via radio, and know of no other way to afford its purchase (original vinyl copies? Oh come now!). I will therefore continue to play these CDs while supplying a disclaimer during the show as to the potential for their dubious provenance. And will stick this particular disclaimer on each playlist of shows dedicated to the Radioactive label.

Comments are welcome re: this ethical dilemma!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Please see my response to your October 24 playlist.

Jeff Sobel

12:28 PM  
Blogger Bob D said...




I just noticed your comment here two months later on December 23rd! I never think to check if anyone is commenting. HOW THE HELL ARE YOU? I must speak to you. I hope you read this...I have actually thought about you recently as I have just begun to contact former roommates and pals from UM from over 25 years ago after hiding out for as long. Gimme back those boots, why'd I lend them to the likes of you?!

And where is Dan Ladin?

My phone: 978-356-0093. call me or email me at

Thrilled to hear from you in this roundabout way!


11:59 PM  
Blogger Dennis C Swanson said...

Ever Play Children of the Mushroom?

12:43 AM  

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