Monday, November 21, 2005

November 21 Playlist w/ Host Bob Dubrow

Background music provided by Link Wray & The Wraymen - Slinky: The Epic Sessions '58-'61 (on the occasion of Link Wray's passing this month)

Set 01:
1. Country Joe & The Fish - 'Thursday/Eastern Jam" (I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag 1967)
2. Grateful Dead - "Mountains of the Moon" (3/1/1969 from Fillmore West 1969)
3. The Shades of Darkness - "She Ain't Worth All That" (1967 from Psychedelic States: New York in the '60s Vol.1 compilation)
4. The Dagenites - "I'm Gonna Slide" (1966 from Psychedelic Unknowns Volume 3 compilation)
5. Kim Jung Mi - "(something in Korean)" (Now 1973)
6. Anonymous - "J. Rider" (Inside the Shadow 1976)
7. Improved Sound LTD - "It's You" (1967 from Diggin' For Gold Volume 1 compilation)

Set 02:
1. Spooky Tooth- "Evil Woman" (Spooky Two 1969)
2. Atomic Rooster - "Sleeping For Years" (Death Walks Behind You 1970)
3. Bloodrock - Sable and Pearl" (2 1971)
4. Jelly Bean Bandits - "Tapestries" (Jelly Bean Bandits 1967)
5. East of Eden - "Waterways" (Mercator Projected 1969)
6. Homer - "Dandelion Wine" (Homer 1970)

Set 03:
1. Branded X - "Society and Me" (1969 from Gravel Volume 2 compilation)
2. Toreros - "Come" (1966 from Diggin' For Gold Volume 2 compilation)
3. Barclay James Harvest - "She Said" (Once Again 1971)
4. Paul Kantner/Jefferson Starship - "Sunrise" (1970 acoustic demo bonus track from CD rerelease of Blows Against the Empire 2005)
5. Spirogyra - "The Furthest Point" (Bells, Boots and Shambles 1973)

Set 04:
1. The Band with Van Morrison - '4% Pantomine" (two 1971 previously unreleased outtakes from A Musical History box set 2005)
2. Link Wray - "I'm So Glad, I'm So Tired" (Beans and Fatback 1973)


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