Monday, October 24, 2005

October 24 Playlist w/ Host Bob Dubrow

Background music provided by Richard Thompson - "Grizzly Man Soundtrack" (2005)

Set 01:
1. Fairport Convention - "Sir Patrick Spens" (previously unreleased 9/23/1969 live track from John Peel Top Gear BBC session on Sandy Denny: A Boxful of Treasures box set 2004)
2. Richard & Linda Thompson - "And Then He Kissed Me" (live 11/12/1978 from Strange Affair bootleg)
3. Richard Thompson & David Byrne - "Psycho Killer" (live 3/24/1992 from An Acoustic Evening with Richard Thompson and David Byrne bootleg)
4. Richard Thompson - "Miss Patsy" (Front Parlour Ballads 2005)

Set 02:
1. Toe Fat - "Bad Side of the Moon" (Toe Fat 1070)
2. Bloodrock - "Gotta Find a Way" (Bloodrock 1970)
3. Pacific Gas & Electric - "Love Love Love Love Love" (Are You Ready 1970)
4. Cream - "Dance the Night Away" (Disraeli Gears 1967)
5. Gravy Train - Busted in Schendectady" (Staircase to the Day 1974)
6. Climax Chicago - "St. Michael's Blues" (Tightly Knit 1971)

Set 03:
1. The La-De-Da's - "How Is the Air Up There?" (1966 from How Is the Air Up There? 1966-1967 compilation 2000)
2. Les Sauterelles - "Aiuto!...Va Sempre Male? (1967 from Les Sauterelles / The Nightbirds Italian issue compilation)
3. The New Phoenix (i.e. The Hardtimes) - "Give to Me Your Love" (1967 bonus track from Blew Mind rerelease 2003)
4. The Bachs - "Minister to a Mind Diseased" (Out of the Bachs 1968)
5. Bittervetch - "I've Told You" (1964 from Masters & Demos Chapter One (1964-1968) compilation 2005)
6. The Merry-Go-Round - "On Your Way Out" (Listen Listen: The Definitive Collection compilation 2005)
7. Rainbow Ffolly - "Montgolfier" (Sallies Fforth 1968)

Set 04:
1. Spirogyra - "Dangerous Dave: (Old Boot Wine 1972)
2. Mike Hart - Dance Mr. Morning Man (Mike Hart Bleeds 1969)
3. Dando Shaft - "Thruxton Flute" (live 1970? BBC radio bonus track from Dando Shaft Anthology 2002)
4. Gay & Terry Woods - "Dublin Town" (Backwoods 1975)
5. Tir Na Nog - "Backwaterawhile" (10/23/1973 BBC radio live track from Spotlight: BBC Recordings 1972-1973 compilation 2001)

Jefferson Starship - "There Will Be Love (live)" (11/7/1975 live at Winterland bonus track from rerelease of Red Octopus 2005)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Still got your Blue Window and Felt Forum vinyl Dead bootlegs from UM days. Weren't you the designated driver for January 1979 Dead show at Masonic? Hope all is well.

Jeff Sobel

12:18 PM  
Blogger Bob D said...


I just noticed your comment here two months later on December 23rd! I never think to check if anyone is commenting. HOW THE HELL ARE YOU? I must speak to you. I hope you read this...I have actually thought about you recently as I have just begun to contact former roommates and pals from UM from over 25 years ago after hiding out for as long. Gimme back those boots, why'd I lend them to the likes of you?!

And where is Dan Ladin?

My phone: 978-356-0093. call me or email me at

Thrilled to hear from you in this roundabout way!


11:55 PM  

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