Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lost and Found

Lost and Found
Tuesday August 1st, 2006
Larry Miller, your groovy old host, with Eli Polonsky

Jerry Garcia's Birthday Special

The first hour of the show today was a salute to Garcia. I played most of an interview I did on KMPX, San Francisco, March 18th 1967, with Jerry and Bob Weir, on the occasion of the release of the first Grateful Dead Album.
This tape has been buried away in the basement, all but forgotten. I hadn't done much with it over the years, due to the fact that reel two is missing and it's incomplete. However, I decided to give it another listen, and subsequently dubbed it into the computer, fixed the volume levels, filtered out the 'wump-wump' and did a bit of judicious editing.
I aired the 6 interview cuts on the air, along with excerpts from side one of the album. It came off better than I expected, and I realize that Dead-heads will probably want to get a copy of this. I plan to contact the official Grateful Dead people to see what can be arranged.
First, a list of the side one excerpts:
The Golden Road
Beat It On Down the Line
Sitting On Top of the World
Cold Rain and Snow
Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl
Cream Puff War

break: side two of the album was then played in its entirety.

Morning Dew
New, New Mingelwood Blues
Viola Lee Blues
(Note: this was all from a vinyl pressing, not the CD re-issue...)

break: Eli had some tickets to giveaway for the "Gathering of the Vibes" festival this month in upstate New York. For info,

2nd Hour: Musique al Frisco:

Jefferson Airplane: "Fat Angel" (Live)
We have a winner! Answer: Wavy Gravy's real name: Hugh Romney)
Big Brother and the Holding Company: "Combination of the 2" (From Cheap Thrills- live at the Fillmore)
Quicksilver Messenger Service: "Dino's Song"

Country Joe and the Fish: "Bass Strings"
Steve Miller Band: "In My First Mind" (from Children of the Future)
Moby Grape: "Someday"

Electric Flag: "Groovin' is Esy"
Blood Sweat and Tears: "Morning Glory"
Mother Earth w/ Tracy Nelson: "It Won't Be Long"
Joy of Cooking: "Closer to the Ground"

Next week on Wednesday, Eli will do a Jerry Garcia Memorial show on Lost and Found. Eli and I will probably start to do alternate Tuesdays coming this Fall season on MBR- it's good to have him back on the air.

Nothing but the best and later for the rest... Larry


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