Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lost and Found

Lost and Found
Tuesday July 18, 2006
Larry Miller, at the controls

Thanks to Eli Polonsky for filling in last week- good job, Eli!

The Hits of 1972: AM-FM crossovers: Pop/ Soft Rock

Leon Russell: "Tightrope"
America: "Ventura Highway" (live version)
Cat Stevens: "Wild World"
Fleetwood Mac (Bob Welch lineup): "Sentimental Lady"
Chicago: "Saturday in the Park"
Badfinger: "Baby Blue"
Orleans: "Still the One"
Seals and Crofts: "Summer Breeze"

A break and an EAS test (But wait, there's more...)

Raspberries: "Go All the Way"
Doobie Brothers: "Listen to the Music"
Gary Wright: "Dreamweaver"
Aerosmith: "Dream On"
Argent: "Hold Your Head Up"
Hollies: "Long Cool Woman in an Black Dress"
Loggons & Messina: "Your Mama Don't Dance"

1 O'clock Break

(In spite of the fact that this set is not really the usual "Lost and Found" rare and obscure kind of stuff, I got a lot of calls from people who said that it really took them back to 1972, and they loved it. I also got calls from several L&Fers who reminded me that these hit tunes can be heard elsewhere on the dial...
Hal sez: "1972 was the year before my senior year in high school, and WABC in NYC is what I would have been listening to if I hadn't discovered WNEW with Scott Muni and the great Vin Scelsa. Some of what you're playing brings back good memories and some is just... scary! We *liked* this?! Sheesh."
I had mixed feelings about all this, as I was trapped in radio hell in a little AM station on the outskirts of San Diego back in'72 and was forced to play these "hits" and other similar songs over and over again everyday for 6 months. Freaked me out... )

Onward: the Syd Barret Memorial Set

Pink Floyd: "Interstellar Overdrive" (studio version: this was found on my favorite Russian MP3 site on one of the PF rarities compilations. It's a good deal longer (16:45)than the album version (9:55) on Piper at the Gates of Dawn, and good deal different.)
Syd Barrett: "No Good Trying" (from The Madcap Laughs)
"It Is Obvious" (from Barrett)
Pink Floyd: "Wish you Were Here"

and now for something entirely different...

Twice as Much: "Sitting on a Fence"
Rolling Stones: "Complicated" (from Between the Buttons)
Pretty Things: "Don't Bring Me Down"
Beatles: "She's A Woman"
Small Faces: "Itchy Koo Park"
The Move: "Fire Brigade"
Chocolate Watchband: "Lat's Talk About Girls"
Family: "Burlesque"

So long, goodbye. see you next time...

Pink Floyd: "Come In Number 51, Your Time is Up" (Zabriskie Point Soundtrack, the part where the groovy house in the desert blows up in slow motion...)


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