Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 - Eli Polonsky

The second week of my feature of women artists to celebrate Women's History Month. Different songs by some who I had played last week, and some who I didn't play last week. I still had practically no preparation time (as usual nowadays), but at least I had a few ideas in mind this time.

01. Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity - Season Of The Witch
02. Sweetwater - Like A Rainbow (voc: Nansi Nevins)
03. Pentangle - Sweet Child (harmony: Jacqui McShee)
04. Jefferson Airplane - The House At Pooneil Corners (voc: Grace Slick)
05. Fairport Convention - Tam Lin (voc: Sandy Denny)
06. Feminine Complex - Hide And Seek (all-female band)
07. Fanny - Hey Bulldog (all-female band)
08. It's A Beautiful Day - Girl With No Eyes (harmony: Linda LaFlamme)
09. Big Brother & The Holding Company - Turtle Blues (voc: Janis Joplin)
10. Wind In The Willows - Park Ave Blues (voc: Deborah Harry)
11. Wind In The Willows - She's Fantastic And She's Yours (")
12. The Mamas & The Papas - Got A Feelin' (voc: Michelle Phillips & Cass Elliot)
13. Norma Tanenga - Walking My Cat Named Dog
14. Pozo-Seco Singers - Time (voc: Susan Taylor Pie)
15. Joan Baez - Love Is Just A Four Letter Word
16. Judy Collins - Hard Loving Loser
17. Ian & Sylvia - Someday Soon (harmony: Sylvia Fricker Tyson)
18. Emmylou Harris - Boulder To Birmingham
19. Ellen McIlwaine - I Don't Want To Play
20. Jim Kweskin Jug Band - I'm A Woman (voc: Maria D'Amato Muldaur)
21. Buffy St. Marie - The Universal Soldier
22. Laura Nyro - Save The Country (single version)
23. Joy Of Cooking - Brownsville/Mockingbird (Toni Brown & Terri Garthwaite)
24. Mary McCaslin - Young Westley
25. Wendy Waldman - The Road Song

Out of time! Thanks again for all the great suggestions and requests, and again, sorry about the ones I couldn't get to, I'll try to get to them all next week!

By request and popular demand, I will be continuing the women artists feature next Tuesday the 17th, as the entire five days of "Lost & Found" will be celebrating Women's History Month next week!

Thanks for listening!
Eli Polonsky


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