Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Here’s the Playlist for Tuesday 2/5/08

... with the old dude, Larry Miller...

It’s Al Kooper’s birthday!

Al Kooper: “I Can’t Keep From Cryin’” (From What’s Shakin’)
The Blues Project: “Fly Away” An original folk-rock composition by AK)
Bob Dylan: “Maggie’s Farm” (From Newport ‘65- AK on Organ)]
Blood, Sweat and Tears: “Something Going On”

Jim and Jean: “Changes” (AK on harpsichord)
Tom Rush: “On The Road Again” (AK on lead guitar)
Simon and Garfunkel: “Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine) (AK on keyboards?)
Peter, Paul and Mary: “I Dig Rock n Roll Music” (AK?)

Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield: “59th Street Bridge Song” (The Lost Fillmore Tapes)
The Paupers: “Oh That She Might” (AK- keyboards)
The Paul Butterfield Band: “Just To Be With You” (AK- Hammond Organ)
Taj Mahal: “She Caught the Katy” (AK- piano)

Happy Birthday, Al- born this day in 1944.

Other stuff:

James Taylor Parody by Christopher Guest: “Highway Toes” (Nat Lamp Radio Hour)
(Today is Guests’s birthday, too- turn it up to 11, Nigel!)
Steve Miller Band: “Quicksilver Girl”
Leon Russell: “Hummingbird”
Traffic: “Pearly Queen”
Procol Harum: “Cerdes”
The Band: “Chest Fever”

The Who “Rael (part 1)”
George Harrison: “Wah-Wah”
Jimi hendrix: “House Burning Down”

Richard and Mimi Farina: “Mainline Prosperity Blues”
Chambers Brothers: “The Midnight Hour”
Steampacket, w/ Rod Stewart: “Can I Get a Witness”

Thanks for listening! You were listening, weren’t you? I know that I was listening.
Be listening next week for Eli, and for me in two weeks...


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