Monday, April 16, 2007

April 16, 2007 Playlist w/ Host Bob Dubrow

Dave Mattacks, former drummer for Fairport Convention as well as on tons of sessions with other remarkable musicians, was scheduled for an interview today, but the nor'easter and Boston Marathon put the fear of "no available parking" in him. He is re-scheduled for May 14.

So I brought along a friend named Chris Bean (who also drums, by chance), one of the funniest fellows I know...but he proved to be extremely recalcitrant when it came to talking on mic. This became something of a constant distraction, as I tried to engage him despite his stubbornness, and it's quite possible the show suffered as a although some "regulars" called full of compliments, I did receive this email:

"Hi. I listen to the entire show almost every day. Today I had to change the dial. It was excruciatingly bad. Sorry. Less talking. More music. No more children, please." (This last was in reference to the small cassette bit I played from my childhood during the last 10 minutes of the if she heard that, then it would appear that she remained a listener for 110 minutes of excruciating badness before getting disgusted enough to switch stations. I mean, why subject oneself?)

You can't please everybody. But I have to say that it was not one of my fave shows. Now you can listen and decide for yourself (if you dare)!

Background music provided by Oranj Symphonette - Plays Mancini (1996) HENRY MANCINI BORN THIS DAY IN 1929

Set 01:
1. The Human Beinz - "Two of a Kind" (Evolutions 1968)
2. The Human Beinz - "April 15th" (Evolutions 1968) ...
3. Chad & Jeremy - "Paxton Quigley's Had the Course" (The Ark 1968)
4. Eden's Children - "Don't Tell Me" (Eden's Children 1968)
5. Shuttah - "The Crimp" (The Image Maker Vol. 1 & 2 1971)

Set 02:
1. The New Nadir - "I Don't Mind" (1970 previously unreleased from V/A: White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s compilation 2006)
2. Laura Nyro - "Wedding Bell Blues" (More Than a New Discovery i.e The First Songs 1966)
3. The Boxtops - "727" (Cry Like a Baby 1968)
4. Simon & Garfunkel - 'We've Got a Groovy Thing Going" (Sounds of Silence 1966)
5. The Glass Menagerie - "She's a Rainbow" (1968 from V/A: Haunted: Psychedelic Pstones II compilation 2002)
6. The Scaffold - "1-2-3' (1968 from Thank U Very Much: The Best of Scaffold compilation 2002

Set 03:
1. Alexander (Skip) Spence - "Lawrence of Euphoria" (Oar 1969) SKIP SPENCE (JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, MOBY GRAPE) DIES THIS DAY IN 1999
2. Dusty Springfiled - "Just One Smile" (Dusty in Memphis 1969) DUSTY SPRINGFILED BORN THIS DAY IN 1939
3. Stealers Wheel - "Everything Will Turn Out Fine" (Ferguslie Park 1974) GERRY RAFFERTY OF STEALERS WHEEL BORN THIS DAY IN 1947

Set 04:
1. String Driven Thing - "Overdrive" (Please Mind Your Head 1974)
2. Highway - "Brightside" (Highway 1975)
3. The Mixed Bag - "Million Dollar Bash" (1969 from V/A: Tim Rice & Friends: That's My Story compilation 2006)
4. Neil Young - "Dance Dance Dance" (Live at Massey Hall 1971 2007)

Set 05:
1. Bill Withers - "I Can't Write Left-Handed" (Live at Carnegie Hall 1972)
2. Mary-Anne Paterson - "Black Girl" (Me 1970)
3. Silmaril - "Vespers" (1975 from unreleased No Mirrored Temple LP, released on The Voyage of Icarus 2007)

Set 06:
1. Dubrow Kids - "Your Mother Should Know/Blue Jay Way" (cassette 1968)
2. The Gentle Rain - "Fool on the Hill" (Moody 1973)
3. The Astral Projection - "(Mind Flight)...Overture - The Airways of Imagination" (The Astral Scene 1968)


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Here's a link to the original Stealers Wheel single "Everything'l turn out fine" (as it says on the label).

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