Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Playlist for today's show

With Larry Miller, Eli Polonsky, and special guests Chris and Lorin, the Rowan Brothers!

Here’s what we played first: From the latest CD “Now and Then”, “Mama, Don’t You Cry”

Then the live interview with Eli, during which they played and sang live in the studio. I failed to keep track of the songs they did, but they were just great!

For the ticket giveaway, the mystery question was, what was the name of the band which was formed by Peter Rowan, Jerry Garcia and David Grisman? The answer: ‘Old and In The Way’, who we then heard doing “Midnight Moonlight” from their one album together.

We followed that with the Grateful Dead doing a live version of “Easy Wind”, then a set featuring various Rowans.

The Rowans: (all 3): “Calle Music” (album: Jubilation 1977 )
The Rowans: “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” (album: The Rowans 1975)
Earth Opera: “Sanctuary for the Law” (Peter and David Grisman)
Seatrain: “Home to You”

Onward to other stuff:

The Band: “No More Cane on the Brazos”
Taj Mahal: “She Caught the Katy” (live version)
Little Feat: “Cold, Cold, Cold” (live version from Electric Lycanthrope)
Derek and the Dominoes: “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out” (Live at the Fillmore”

Catching up on belated requests:

Lee Michaels: “Do You Know What I Mean”
Steve Miller Band: “Your Saving Grace” (drummer Tim Davis on lead vocal)
The Blues Project: “Flute Thing”
It’s A Beautiful Day: “Don and Dewey”

“This has been your announcer speaking... see you in two weeks.)


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