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Tuesday 12/19/06 Eli Polonsky - Phil Ochs tribute

This show was a birthday tribute to legendary folk artist and musical activist Phil Ochs, who was born on December 19'th 1940, and tragically took his own life on April 9'th, 1976. Phil left us a legacy of music ranging from outspoken songs labeled "topical" or "protest", many of which are (unfortunately) just as relevant today as when he wrote and sang them in the 1960's and early 70's, to more sublime and introspective reflections on life and the world around him, which are timeless and universal.

We were joined by telephone by Phil's sister Sonny Ochs, who produces the "Remembering Phil Ochs Song Night" concert series in which a group of excellent contemporary folk artists pay tribute to Phil's music. I'd like to thank Sonny for sharing her memories and reflections about Phil and his music with us throughout this entire show!

Also, we heard some excerpts from a historic interview with Phil Ochs conducted on December 1'st, 1966 on a program called "Coffeehouse Theater" here at the WTBS (now WMBR) studios, from an old reel-to-reel tape which I dug out of the station archives.

All songs below are Phil Ochs compositions.

01. Phil Ochs - "I'm Going To Say It Now" (from "In Concert" LP 1966)

02. Modern Folk Quartet - "The Bells" - adaptation by Ochs of poem by Edgar Allan Poe (outtake from 1964 "Changes" LP played from Rhino CD compilation "Troubadours Of The Folk Era")

03. Eric Andersen - "I Ain't Marching Anymore" (from "The Street Was Always There" CD 2004)

04. Carolyn Hester - "What's That I Hear" (from "At Town Hall II" LP 1965)

05. Julie Felix - "Days Of Decision" (from "Second Album" LP 1965)

06. Chad Mitchell Trio - "Draft Dodger Rag" (from "Slightly Irreverent" LP 1964)

07. Judy Collins - "In The Heat Of The Summer" (from "5'th Album" LP 1965)

Excerpt from Phil Ochs radio interview WTBS 12/1/66

08. Phil Ochs - "Pleasures Of The Harbor" (title track 1967 LP)

Excerpt from Phil Ochs radio interview WTBS 12/1/66

09. Phil Ochs - "Cops Of The World" (from "In Concert" LP 1966)

Excerpt from Phil Ochs radio interview WTBS 12/1/66

10. Anita Bryant - "The Power And The Glory" (from "Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory" 1965 LP played from WTBS 1966 radio interview tape)

Excerpt from Phil Ochs radio interview WTBS 12/1/66

11. Ian & Sylvia - "Changes" (from "Play One More" LP 1966)

12. Jim & Jean - "Changes" (from "Changes" stereo LP 1966)

13. Phil Ochs Anti-Drug PSA (from "Get Off" 1973 celebrity anti-drug radio PSA LP)

14. Jim & Jean - "Crucifixion" (from "Changes" stereo LP 1966)

15. Joan Baez - "There But For Fortune" (from "Joan Baez 5" LP 1964)

16. Phil Ochs - "When I'm Gone" (from "In Concert" LP 1966)

Thanks again to Sonny Ochs for joining us for this entire program! It's Larry Miller's turn next Tuesday, and I'll be back in two weeks on January 2, 2007. I hope you all have happy, healthy, low-stress holidays!

Thanks for listening,
Eli Polonsky


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