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November 21, 2006 playlist - Eli Polonsky

First, thanks again to those who donated to WMBR's annual fundraiser last week! There were many familiar names from my "old days" on WMBR who came through for us, as well as many newer ones. Thanks for your support!

The first hour and a half of this show was a telephone interview with music writer Richie Unterberger, author of a number of great books about music of the "Lost & Found" 1960's era and more. We last spoke with Richie three years ago for the release of his two excellent books about 1960's folk-rock, "Turn! Turn! Turn!: The '60s Folk-Rock Revolution" and "Eight Miles High: Folk-Rock's Flight from Haight-Ashbury to Woodstock".

On this show, we discussed his latest book "The Unreleased Beatles: Music and Film", just coming out on Backbeat Books. Not just another book about The Beatles, this is a huge, nearly 400-page compendium detailing, dated by sessions, the incredible wealth of music that the Beatles recorded, but never released. More info at

I played the following George Harrison instrumental to transition into the show, then played the following tracks and excerpts to accompany the interview with Richie.

1. George Harrison - "Party Seacombe" (from "Wonderwall" LP, 1968).
2. PARTIAL EXCERPT - The Beatles - "Love Of The Loved" (1/1/62 audition for Decca Records)
3. BRIEF SNIPPET - The Beatles - "I Saw Her Standing There" (from "Meet The Beatles" original stereo LP).
4. The Beatles - "I Saw Her Standing There" (Private rehearsal - The Cavern Club, Liverpool circa late 1962)
5. John Lennon - "If I Fell" (Acoustic home composing tape - early 1964)
6. BRIEF SNIPPET - John Lennon - "Imagine" (From "Imagine" LP 1971 - to illustrate a vocal "turn" between verses similar to the previous track)
7. PARTIAL EXCERPT - The Beatles - "A Hard Days Night" ("Take 4" from 4/16/64 EMI recording session)
8. John Lennon - "She Said, She Said" (Acoustic home composing tape - early 1966)
9. BRIEF EXCERPT - The Beatles - "Long Tall Sally" (Last song performed at last official Beatles concert - Candlestick Park, San Francisco 8/29/66)
10. The Beatles - "Flying" (9/8/67 - Alternate mix with different ending)
11. PARTIAL EXCERPT - The Beatles - "Back In The U.S.S.R" (From acoustic demos recorded at George Harrison's house late May 1968)
12. BRIEF SNIPPET - John Lennon - "Jealous Guy" (From "Imagine" LP 1971 - to illustrate the song John wrote using the melody from the following unreleased song)
13. The Beatles - "I'm Just A Child Of Nature" (From acoustic demos recorded at George Harrison's house late May 1968 - same melody as "Jealous Guy")
14. The Beatles - "Get Back" (Early session version from 1/10/69 with John on lead vocal)
15. PARTIAL EXCERPT - The Beatles - "Something" ("Take 37" 7/11/69 with strange dirge-like jam at the end)
16. BRIEF SNIPPET - John Lennon - "Remember" (from "Plastic Ono Band" LP 1970 - similar piano riff as previous jam)
17. George Harrison - "Nowhere To Go" - (unreleased demo from the "All Things Must Pass" sessions - late May 1970).
Thanks to Richie Unterberger for an excellent interview!

A few songs reflecting on those who were here before us, as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday:
18. Neil Young - "Cortez The Killer"
19. Redbone - "13'th Hour: Chant"
20. Richie Havens - "An Indian Prayer"

Larry Miller returns Tuesday 11/28, I'll see you in two weeks on 12/5!

Stream this show here (until 12/5)

Thanks for listening,
Eli Polonsky


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