Sunday, April 16, 2006

Christopher Vyce's playlist for Friday, April 14, 2006

Intro: "About Noon" - The Mar-Kays

The Tubes - "Boy Crazy"
Creme Soda - "Keep It Heavy"
Ian and the Zodiacs - "No Money No Honey"
Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends - "Flashing Lights"
Milk 'n' Cookies - "Little, Lost, and Innocent"
Mott the Hoople - "Jerkin' Crocus"
The Moving Finger - "Shake and Fingerpop"
The Rubinoos - "Hard to Get"
Spirit - "Uncle Jack"
Led Zeppelin - "Travellin' Riverside Blues"
The Tams - "I've Been Hurt"
King Curtis - "Whole Lotta Love"
Dr. Horse - "Salt Pork, West Virginia"
Frankie Lee Sims - "She Likes to Boogie Real Low"
The Beatles - "I Me Mine"
The Zeros - "Beat Your Heart Out"
Albert King and Otis Rush - "Won't Be Hangin' Around"
Johnny Young and Big Walter - "Drinkin' Straight Whiskey"
Bukka White - "Good Gin Blues"
J.B. Hutto and his Hawks - "Too Much Alcohol"
West Virginia Slim Electric Blues Band - "You Gonna Be Sorry"
Gavin Hamilton - "It Won't Be the Same"
Roger McGuinn - "Rock and Roll Time"
Terry Knight and the Pack - "HowMuch More"
Tangerine Peel - "Solid Gold Mountain Top"
The Rutles - "I Must Be in Love"
The Wilde Knights - "Beaver Patrol"
The Meters - "He Bite Me"
Otis Redding and the Pinetoppers - "Shout Bamalama"
The Rolling Stones - "Hand of Fate"
Aurora - "Gettin' On's Gettin' Tough"
Tommy Flanders - "Boston Girls"
Todd Rundgren - "Love of the Common Man"
Material (feat. William S. Burroughs) - "Seven Souls"*

Outro: "Yegelle Tetzeta" - Mulatu Astake

* As promised on the air, here is the text to the Material/William S. Burrough song "Seven Souls."

The ancient Egyptians postulated seven souls, Top soul, and the first to leave at the moment of death, is Ren, the Secret Name. This corresponds to my Director, He directs the film of your life from conception to death. The Secret Name is the title of your film. When you die, that's where Ren came in.

Second soul, and second one off the sinking ship, is Sekem: Energy, Power, Light The Director gives the orders, Sekem presses the right buttons.

Number three is Khu, the Guardian Angel. He, she, or it is third man out . . . depicted as flying away across a full moon, a bird with luminous wings and head of light. Sort of thing you might see on a screen in an Indian restaurant in Panama. The Khu is responsible for the subject and can be injured in his defense- but not permanently, since the first three souls are eternal. They go beck to Heaven for another vessel.

The four remaining souls must take their chances with the subject in the Land of the Dead. Number four is Ba, the heart, often treacherous. This is a hawk's body with your face on it, shrunk down to the size of a fist. Many a hero has been brought down, like Samson, by a perfidious Ba.

Number five is Ka, the Double, most closely associated with the subject. The Ka, which usually reaches adolescence at the time of bodily death, is the only reliable guide through the Land of the Dead to the western Lands.

Number six is Khaibit, the Shadow, Memory, your whole past conditioning from this and other lives.

Number seven is Sekhu, the Remains.


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I actually own that West Virginia Slim Electric Blues Band LP. I picked it up from an old womans' yard sale in Maine and was never sure what to make of it.

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