Monday, March 13, 2006

March 13 Playlist w/ Host Bob Dubrow

Background music provided by The John Schroeder Orchestra - The Dolly Catcher (1967)*

And here we are with a third round...Show #3 featuring music played from releases on the UK's Radioactive Records. Parts 1 and 2 aired in December '05 and January '06 respectively. Songs found on that imprint are denoted with an asterisk. (Please see disclaimer below)

Set 01:
1. Chariot - "Gamblin' Man" (Chariot 1968)*
2. Fresh Air - "December" (A Breath of Fresh Air 1969)*
3. Flower Travellin' Band - "Satori Part 2" (Satori 1971)*
4. Thundertree - "1225: (a) Alone Am I (b) Softly (3) I Travel Alone" (Thundertree 1970)*
5. Smokin' Willie - "House of the Risin' Sun" (Smokin' Willie 1970)*
6. Crow - "Evil Woman (Don't Play Your Games With Me" (Crow Music 1969)
7. The Misunderstood - "I'm Not Talkin'" (The Legendary Goldstar Album 1966)
8. Fat - "Duck Sweat" (Fat 1970)*

Set 02:
1. The Summer Sounds - "The Leaves Are Turning Brown" (The Summer Sounds 1969)*
2. Floor - 'Trusting Mr. Jones" (1st Floor 1967)*
3. Snow - "Bab's Song" (Snow 1968)*
4. Yama and The Karma Dusters - "I Want to Talk to You" (Up From the Sewers 1971)*
5. Water Into Wine Band - "The Start of a Run" (Hill Climbing For Beginners 1974)*
6. Jake Holmes - "Houston Street" (A Letter to Katherine December 1968)*
7. The Strawbs - "Queen of Dreams" (Grave New World 1972)
8. Folly's Pool - "Folly's Pool" (Folly's Pool 1977)*

Set 03:
1. The Who - "Shakin' All Over/Spoonful/Twist and Shout" (Live at The isle of Wight Festival 1970)
2. Magi - "I Didn't Ask You" (Win or Lose 1976)*
3. The Beatles featuring Tony Sheridan - "Ain't She Sweet" (1961 from The Beatles' featuring Tony Sheridan Deluxe Edition 2004)
4. Randy California - "devil" (Kapt. Kopter and The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds 1972)
5. Frank Zappa - "The Moon Will Never Be the Same" (work demo somewhere 1962-64 from Joes Xmasage 2005)

Disclaimer: I have recently been made aware that it is quite likely that Radioactive is in the habit of illegally producing these CDs without permission from the artists. More than a handful of bands whose music has been put out on the label have made this claim. It has been said that much of their product is made via "unsanctioned needle drops": i.e. illegitimately processed from clean vinyl as opposed to the master tapes. So the moral question I sit here with is: Having come to this knowledge, should I be promoting the label by playing their goods on air?

And I have decided I am too much a music whore to ignore this music (which I always win on Ebay at reduced prices), very much still want to continue to share it with others via radio, and know of no other way to afford its purchase (original vinyl copies? Oh come now!). I will therefore continue to play these CDs while supplying a disclaimer during the show as to the potential for their dubious provenance. And will stick this particular disclaimer on each playlist of shows dedicated to the Radioactive label.

Comments are welcome re: this ethical dilemma!


Anonymous brian speer said...

Rob- God Bless You!My old friend Jim Sarvis (Smokin' Willie bassist) lives on after death thanks to Radioactive and you.Drummer Ron Frye lives about 40 minutes from me. I wonder if he even knows about this? Sarvis was at my house on the day he died. He left and went to Washington, IN and had a heart attack that night. He would be so thrilled to know that something he did is still being heard by people. I never knew Willie. I don't know what ever happened to him. Thanks for the Thrill! Brian Speer aka Wimpy

4:29 AM  

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