Friday, April 21, 2006

Attack of the Killer "B"s...playlist for 4/20/06

CDV's b-side show filling in for Alex McNeil

The Kingsmen - "Just a 'B' Side"
Oscar Perry - "(Love Me) Like It Was the Last Time"
The Mad Lads - "Mr. Fix-It"
Red Wings - "Dark Thursday"
The Beagles - "Looking for the Beagles"
Todd Rundgren - "Cold Morning Light"
Bobby Bare - "She Took My Sunshine Away"
J. David Sloan - "Love Can't Always Be the Way You Want It"
J.D. Blackfoot - "I've Never Seen You"
Bobby Bland - "24 Hour Blues"
The Count Five - "They're Gonna Get You"
The Nightcrawlers - "Washboard"
Chuck Conlon - "Midnight Read"
Everything is Everything - "Ooh Baby"
Ides of March - "Girls Don't Grow On Trees"
The Beatles - "Rain"
Madness - "Un Paso Adelante"
The Glories - "Wish They Would Write a Song"
The Ethics - "I Want My Baby Back"
The Pretenders - "What Is Love?"
Arthur Prysock - "Good Morning Blues"
The Casinos - "I Still Love You"
Crow - "Gonna Leave a Mark"
The Hombres - "Pumpkin Man"
Gun - "Drown Yourself in the River"
Bo Diddley - "Pills"
American Breed - "Master of My Fate"
Hasil Adkins - "Matilda"
The Uncalled For - "Get Out of the Way"
The Cyrkle - "Money to Burn"
Deep Purple - "One More Rainy Day"
The Pendulum - "I Do You"
The Wild Weeds - "Someday Morning"
King Bees - "On Your Way Down the Drain"
Don and the Goodtimes - "And It's So Good"
The Fireballs - "Can't You See I'm Tryin'?"
Black Ivory - "Just Leave Me Some"
Joe Tex - "Fresh Out of Tears"
The Zombies - "Conversation of Floral Street" (Instrumental Version)


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