Wednesday, October 05, 2005

10/4/20 with Larry Miller - Playlist

To the L&F faithful:
Larry Miller had his first full show today, and sent me a copy of his playlist to post. Take a listen at the archives if you missed anything, or want to hear it again!
  • Link to Lost & Found Audio Archives
  • Hopefully Larry will be sharing his playlists with you as often as possible.

    Lost & Found 10/4/20

    1. Dylan I Don’t Believe You
    2. Dave Van Ronk Cocaine Blues
    3. Buffy St Marie Codine
    4. Kweskin Jug Band If You’se A Viper
    5. Holy Modal Rounders Euphoria
    6. Tom Rush On the Road Again
    7. Richard & Mimi Farina Reno Nevada
    8. Judy Collins Hard Lovin loser
    9. Arlo Coming in to LA
    10.Donovan Fat Angel
    11.Johnny Winter Mean town blues
    12.Butterfield Walkin Blues
    13.Blues Project Wake me, Shake me
    14.Mayall All my loving
    15.F Mac Shake your money maker
    16.Byrds SO you want to be a rock n roll star
    17.Buffalo springfield Mr Soul
    18.Simon and Garfunkel Simple Desultory Phillipic
    19.Mamas and Papas Creeque Alley
    20.Youngbloods Euphoria
    21.Loving Spoonful Good time Music
    22.Stones Who’s been sleeping here?
    23.Cream AS you said
    24.Traffic Heaven is in your mind
    25.Procol Harum She Wandered through the Garden Fence
    26.Who Maryanne with the shaky hands
    27.Dead New New Mingelwood Blues
    28.C Joe Not so sweet Martha Lorraine
    29.Jefferson airplane Plastic Fantastic Lover
    30.Quicksilver Dino’s Song
    31.BB& HC Down on Me
    32.Moby Grape Motorcycle irene
    33.Jim and Jean Flower Lady


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