Monday, January 02, 2006

January 2, 2006 Playlist w/ Host Bob Dubrow

Background music provided by The Viola Crayola - Music: Breathing of Statues (1974)*

Once again...most of the music played today is from releases on the UK's Radioactive Records. You might call this Part 2 (Part 1 having aired on December 5th, 2005). Songs found on that imprint are denoted with an asterisk. (Please see disclaimer below)

Set 01:
1. Frank Zappa - "Auld Lang Syne" (Wax Flags: Live at UCLA New Year's Eve 1977 bootleg)
2. Otis Redding - "New Year's Eve Resolution" (rec. 1966, rel. 1968 from The Otis Redding Story box set 1987)
3. Valhalla - "Heads Are Free" (Valhalla 1969)*
4. The Doors - "Peace Frog" (Morrison Hotel 1970)
5. Chrysalis - "Dr. Roots Garden" (Definition 1968)
6. The Rainbow Press - "Our Country's Still OK" (There's a War On 1969)*
7. Viola Crayola - "Mr. Leroy, Pepe is Lost" (Music: Breathing of Statues 1974)*

Set 02:
1. Jeff St. John's Copperwine - "Cloud Nine" (Joint Effort 1970)*
2. Starfire "Slippery" (Starfire 1974)*
3. Rod St. James -"Wandering Minstrel" (Has Anybody Seen the Superstar 1972)*
4. Erik "Lights Across the Field / Bright Lights Across the Field Too" (Look Where I Am 1968)*
5. Donovan - "New Year's Resovolution" (Open Road 1970)

Set 03:
1. Strawberry Path - "Woman Called Yellow 'Z'" (When the Raven Has Come to the Earth 1974)*
2. Pirana - "Here It Comes Again" (Pirana II 1971)*
3. Sage - "My Girl" (Sage by Sage 1970)*
4. Goliath- "Silver Girl" (Hot Rock & Thunder 1972)*
5. Third Ear Band - "The Hierophant" (The Magus 1972)
6. The Wizards From Kansas - "Codine" (The Wizards From Kansas 1970)*
7. John Martyn - "Cocain" (London Conversation 1968)
8. The Other Half - What Can I Do For You, First Half / What Can I Do For You, The Other Half" (The Other Half 1968)*

Set 04:
1. Tom Lucas - "Red Letter Day" (Red Letter Day 1976)*
2. Neil Young - "Barstool Blues" (Zuma 1975)
3. Crack - "The Sailor Song" (Day of Doom 1976)*
4. Steely Dan - "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" (Pretzel Logic 1974)

Disclaimer: I have recently been made aware that it is quite likely that Radioactive is in the habit of illegally producing these CDs without permission from the artists. More than a handful of bands whose music has been put out on the label have made this claim. It has been said that much of their product is made via "unsanctioned needle drops": i.e. illegitimately processed from clean vinyl as opposed to the master tapes. So the moral question I sit here with is: Having come to this knowledge, should I be promoting the label by playing their goods on air?

And I have decided I am too much a music whore to ignore this music (which I always win on Ebay at reduced prices), very much still want to continue to share it with others via radio, and know of no other way to afford its purchase (original vinyl copies? Oh come now!). I will therefore continue to play these CDs while supplying a disclaimer during the show as to the potential for their dubious provenance. And will stick this particular disclaimer on each playlist of shows dedicated to the Radioactive label.

Comments are welcome re: this ethical dilemma!


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