Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 9, 2013 Playlist w/ Host Bob Dubrow

The Yardbirds Special:  This 2-hour program was devoted to the music and times of The Yardbirds, in advance of their appearance with original members Jim McCarty (drummer) and Top Topham (their guitarist in 1963) at The Regent Theatre in Arlington on Thursday night, the 12th.  It features an hour-long interview with Jim McCarty in England conducted by phone this past Friday, September 6th.

The Yardbirds are an English rock band that had a string of hits in the mid-1960s, including "For Your Love", "Over Under Sideways Down," and "Heart Full of Soul". The group is notable for having started the careers of three of rock's most famous guitarists: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. A blues-based band that broadened its range into pop and rock, the Yardbirds had a hand in many electric guitar innovations of the mid-1960s, such as feedback,"fuzztone" distortion and improved amplification. After the Yardbirds broke up in 1968, their lead guitarist Jimmy Page founded what became Led Zeppelin.

1. Someone to Love Me (live re-edit of 8/7/64 The Marquee, London, England)
2. Mister You're a Better Man Than I (live May 1966 England)
3. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (1966)
4. Little Games (live 4/7/67 Stockholm, Sweden)
5. Smokestack Lighting (live 12/8/63 Crawdaddy Club, Surrey, England)
6. I Ain't Got You (1964)
7. Knowing (Keith Relf solo single 1966)
8. Over Under Sideways Down (1966)
9. Turn Into Earth (1966)
10. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor (1967)
11. Glimpses (1967)
12. Avron Knows (1968 unreleased)
13. Dream Within a Dream (1996 - released 2003)
14. Stroll On (1966 from Antonioni's film Blow Up)
15. Heart Full of Soul (1965 alternate sitar version)
16. Heart Full of Soul (1965)
17. Dazed and Confused (live 3/9/68 France) 
18. For Your Love (1965)


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