Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, 5/31/2010 - Mark Francis

Playlist for Lost & Found, 05/31/10


Set One: stars appear and shadows fall

Intro: Wheels/Les Baxter-Hell's Belles OST/LP/Sidewalk/1970
1. Soul Brother's Holiday/Poets/45/Veep/1968
2. Pull My Coat/Eddy Jacobs Exchange/45/Columbia/1969
3. I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face/Monticellos/45/Red Cap/1967
4. Bobby Is My Baby/Barbara Mason/45/Arctic/1966
5. My Love's a Monster/Johnny Sayles/45/Chi-Town/1965
6. I'm Lonely For You/Arthur K. Adams/45/Modern/1968
7. Oomph/Marvin & the Uptights/45/Spotlight/1967
8. Mama Said/Next Five/45/Wand/1967
9. Just a Little Bit/Undertakers/45/Parkway/1964
10.I Can Only Give You Everything/Them/LP/Decca (uk)/1966
11.Not You Girl/Witness Inc./45/Apex (can)/1966
12.Magic Elixir/Zygoat/45/K&K/196?
13.Yes, I Need Someone/Eire Apparent/LP/Buddah/1969
14.Midnite Lover/Lucy Blue/45/Big Tree/1971
15.Summer Nites/Hammerhead/45/GNP Crescendo/1975
BED: Into the Fire/Wynder K. Frog/LP/UA/1969

drop the knowledge on me

Set Two: down the road in a cloud of smoke

1. L.A. Freeway/Guy Clarke/LP/RCA/1975
2. Genesis Hall/Richard Thompson/LP/Hannibal/1982-84
3. Beeside/Tintern Abbey/45/Deram (uk)/1967
4. Beginnings/Astrud Gilberto/LP/Verve/1970
BED: Some Velvet Morning/Afro Blues Quintet/LP/Mira/1968

Set Three: silly milly & flirty mirty

1. Let a Woman Be a Woman/Dyke & the Blazers/45/Original Sound/1968
2. Pop It to Me/Howlin' Wolf/45/Chess/1968
3. Don't Let Your Eyes Get Bigger Than Your Heart/Sylvia Robbins/45/Sue/1963
4. My Time/Beau Allen/45/Scepter/1965
5. Whirlybird Pt. 1/Pros and Cons/45/Decca/1966
6. Everybody Needs a Little Love/Bern Elliott & the Fenmen/45/London/1964
7. Who Shot Sam/Sonny Webb & the Cascades/LP/Columbia/1963
8. Daddy Was a Preacher But Mama Was a Go-Go Girl/Joanna Neel/45/Decca/1969
BED: Lela/Johnny Lytle/LP/Riverside/1965

Set Four: hands are waving in the air

1. You Can Be My Baby/Red Squares/LP/Columbia (holl)/1966
2. Taking Me Home/Wednesday/45/Sussex/1974
3. What's Going On/Taste/LP/Atco/1969
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973


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