Monday, February 08, 2010

2/08/2010 with Mark Francis


Set One: finger poppin' always hoppin'

Intro: Trippin'/Marchel Ivory Quintet/45/Stones Throw/1970
1. How to Pick a Winner/Maurice Williams/45/Deesu/1967
2. Jo Ann/Robert Moore/45/Federal/1968?
3. Mainsqueeze/Johnny Thompson/45/NewMiss/197?
4. It's In My Mind/Don Hart & James Shorter/45/CoolSchool/1967?
5. Try Me and See/Jean Wells/LP/Calla/1969
6. Pick Yourself Up/E.G. Taylor and the Sounds of Soul/45/Val/197?
7. Last of the Corruptors/Sign of the Vibration/45/Mack/197?
8. I Dig Girls/J.J. Jackson/45/Calla/1968
9. Ecstasy/Johnny Kidd & the Pirates/LP/HMV(UK)/1963
10.Girl Don't Tell Me/Keith Green/45/Decca/1965
11.Hold Back the Dawn/The Wailers/LP/Etiquette/1965
12.I've Got to Keep On Pushing/Human Beinz/LP/Capitol/1968
13.You Don't Remember/20th Century Zoo/LP/Caz/1968
14.Tally Ho/Detroit Wheels/45/Inferno/1968
15.No Second Hand Love/Bob Andy/45/Trojan(UK)/1971
16.As Safe as Yesterday Is/Humble Pie/LP/Immediate/1969
BED: Cowboy/Nite-Liters/LP/RCA/1974

Set Two: close the door lightly when you go

1. Fly/Georgie/LP/GWP/1971
2. Tonight I Need Your Lovin'/Jim & Jean/LP/Verve Forecast/1966
3. Eagle/The Eagles/45/Warner Brothers/1968?
4. The Colors You Bring/Foley & Kavanaugh/LP/Merlin/1973
5. Don't Wake Me In the Morning/Danny O'Keefe/45/Piccadilly/1966
6. I Found Out/Cops 'n' Robbers/45/Coral/1965
BED: El Torro Poo Poo/Charles Kynard/LP/Mainstream/1971

Set Three: we interrupt this station

1. Landlord/Julian Glad/45/Smash/1962
2. Two Stupid Feet/The Tabs/45/Wand/1962
3. I Love You baby/The Volumes/45/Inferno/1968
4. A Message to My Babe/Billy Harner/45/Atlantic/1966
5. So, Do the Zonk/Donna Loren/45/Capitol/1965
6. Along Came Love/The Mac Truque/45/Capitol/1968
7. She Turns Me On/Billy Joe Burnette/45/Gold Standard/196?
8. Who Is the Girl for Me/Ralfi Pagan/45/Fania/1969
BED: Craaaashing/Nite-Liters/LP/RCA/1974

Set Four: Chip Away the Stone

1. Don't Look Back/Lollipop Shoppe/LP/Uni/1968
2. Wish I Could See You Again/(Those) Rogues/CD/Algoma/1966
3. Walkin' Through My Mind/The Cykle/CD/Label/1969
4. Nobody's Fault/Aerosmith/LP/Columbia/1976
BED: The Long Goodbye/Lou Donaldson/45/Blue Note/1973

wine-sippin sweet kissin


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