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Monday 8-31-09 with Lawrence Azrin

Thanks to everbody who listened/called in on my fill-in show on August 31st, spotlighting "non-hits of the British Invasion".

I = Instrumental bed
B = birthday "spotlight" artist
R = request
N = from WMBR's "New CD" section
UK = group from London, UK unless noted otherwise

1) (intro theme) ROCKY & HIS FRIENDS Riot City/Feb. '65/from the PNW I
2) (Bit) LARRY "WILDMAN" FICHER My Name Is Larry (CD)..just the title

As always, I start off with the "Bubbling Under", 45s that just missed the Billboard US "Hot-100" singles charts, and were listed below ("under") those charts:
3) THEM Baby Please Don't Go, 2-CD (Belfast, Ireland/very late '64) UK #10 in early '65 B - Van Morrison, 64 /The B-side "Gloria" is better-known in the US
4) IKE & TINA TURNER I'll Never Need More Than This, 45 (East St Louis, MO/summer '67) US #117 (writer: Ellie Greenwich - she died on 8/26)
5) BUDDY HOLLY Brown Eyed Handsome Man, CD (Lubbock, TX/fall '56, overdubbed by Fireballs in '63) home demos/UK #3 in March '63 B - Jerry Allison, 70, drummer
6) CRUSADERS So Far Away, 45 (Houston, TX/ late'72) Carole King cover US #114 I/B - Wilton Felder, 69

More BRIT INVASION "bubbling under"...
7) KINKS See My Friend, 2-CD (Musswell Hill, London, UK/fall '65) UK #10 earlier in '65
8) The WHO The Kids Are Alright 2-CD (UK/fall '66) UK #41
9) LULU I'll Come Running LP (Scotland/late '64) Jimmy Page on lead guitar!
10) DC-5 Look Before You Leap 2-CD (Tottenham, UK/June '64) UK #41

11) MANFRED MANN Satisfaction LP (UK/ '65) I, alternate R
12) THE PINK FLOYD See Emily Play LP (UK/summer '67) UK #6
13) JOHN'S CHILDREN Smashed! Blocked! CD (UK/late '66) US #102
14) ZOMBIES Just Out Of Reach 2-CD (St Albans,UK/ late '65) from the movie "Bunny Lake Is Missing", w/cameo by group performing this song
15) HOLLIES I'm Alive 2-CD (Manchester/UK, summer '64) UK #4

ELLIE GREENWICH TRIBUTE - she died August 26th, at age 68 in NYC - legendary songwriter; "Be My Baby; "Leader of the Pack", "Chapel of Love", many many more...
16) SHADOWS "River High, Mountain Deep" CD (UK/'70) big hit in UK for Ike & Tina Turner I
17) SEARCHERS Everybody Come Clap Your Hands CD (Liverpool, UK/March 65) LP cut
18) SHANGRI LAs Out In The Street CD (Queens, NY/spring '65) only made #53? N
19) DARLENE LOVE A Fine Fine Boy CD (Hawthorne, CA/fall '63) only made #53? huh? this is the G R E A T E S T girl-group record ever...
20) COUNT BASIE "Do Wah Diddy Diddy (Red Banks, NJ/'65) (E. Greenwich wrote) I

21) MANFRED MANN My Name Is Jack LP (UK/July '68) UK Top-10 hit/ R
22) MOODY BLUES Stop! 45 (Birmingham, UK/'66) US #98 R
23) HOLLIES Jennifer Eccles 2-CD (Manchester, UK/spring '68) US #40 R
24) ZOMBIES I Love You 2-CD (UK/'67) hit by group People in 1969 R

25) YARDBIRDS Hot House Of Omarigashid LP (UK/summer '66) from LP "Roger The Engineer" I
26) YARDBIRDS Jeff's Boogie LP info as above I

27) VINEGAR JOE Avenu Malkanu (UK/fall '72) B b. 1947 - Pete Gage (drums) first LP
28) RONETTES Paradise (Bronx,NY/'65) alternate R
29) IVY LEAGUE My World Fell Down 2-CD comp (UK/ '66) covered by Sagittarius N
30) CRICKETS Don't Ever Change CD comp (Lubbock, TX/'62) UK top-5 hit B - Jerry Allison, drummer (age 70)
31) DC-5 Chaquita! (UK/spring '64) from "Glad All Over" LP I
32) UNIT 4 + 2 Concrete and Clay (UK/spring '65) UK #1 hit R
33) SMALL FACES Own Up Time 2-CD (UK/'66) I

34) (#11)ZOMBIES I Remember When I Loved Her (St Albans, UK/August '65) LP track
35) (#10) POETS We're Through CD (Glascow, Scotland/fall '64) UK #31
36) (#9) TROGGS I Can't Control Myself 2-LP (Andover, UK/fall '66) UK #2
37) (#8) THE BIRDS Leaving Here CD (West London, UK/spring '65) an oft-covered Eddie Holland song, this was Ronnie Wood's 1st group/ UK #45
38) (#7) The CRAIG I Must Be Mad 4-CD comp (Birmingham, UK/late '66) Carl Palmer on drums!
39) I THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Waltz For Lumumba CD (Birmingham, UK/early 1967) from the "Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush" soundtrack I
40) (#6) The PRIMITIVES You Said CD (Oxford, UK/late '64) Jimmy Page on lead guitar!
41) (#5) THE EYES I'm Rowed Out CD (UK/ late '66)
43) (#4) PRETTY THINGS Come See Me CD (UK/May '66) UK #43
44) (#3) THE CREATION Making Time CD (Middlesex, UK/summer '66) 1st 45/ UK #49
44) (#2) THE SORROWS You've Got What I Want/comp LP (Coventry, UK/ fall '65)
45) (closing theme) SANTO & JOHNNY Sleepwalk CD (NYC/July '59) US #1; UK #22 I

46) (#1)THE KINKS Waterloo Sunset 2-CD (UK/May 1967) UK #2 US did not chart

I wish I could've played ALL your requests, but seven out of fourteen (a couple were "alternate") isn't bad....
Lawrence Azrin


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