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June 26, 2009, playlist with host Alex McNeil

A brief salute to two musical figures who died yesterday:
01. Sky Saxon Blues Band - Pretty Girl (LP, 1969)
02. Michael Jackson - Maria (You Were the Only One) (45, 1971)
Girls' names:
03. Little Richard - Lucille (CD, 1957)
04. Jim Lowe - Maybellene (CD, 1955)
05. Dave Ford & Hollywood Flames - Elizabeth (45, 1962)
06. Arthur Alexander - Anna (CD, 1962)
07. Perez Prado - Patricia (CD, 1958)
08. Four Seasons - Marlena (CD, 1963)
09. Belmonts - Ann-Marie (CD, 1963)
10. Ray Sharpe - Linda Lu (CD, 1959)
11. Jimmie Mardin - Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie (LP, 1958)
12. David Seville - Judy (45, 1959)
13. Strangeloves - Cara-Lin (CD, 1965)
14. Righteous Brothers - Justine (CD, 1965)
15. Tommy Roe - Sheila [original version] (CD, 1962)
16. Beach Boys - Wendy (CD, 1964)
17. Beach Boys - Karen (CD, 1964)
18. Freddy Cannon - Abigail Beecher (CD, 1964)
19. Rolling Stones - Miss Amanda Jones (CD, 1966)
20. Hollies - Jennifer Eccles (CD, 1968)
21. Street People - Jennifer Tomkins (CD, 1970)
22. John Fred & Playboy Band - Agnes English (LP, 1967)
23. Wes Montgomery - Eleanor Rigby (LP, 1967)
24. Scott English - Brandy (45, 1972)
25. Ruthann Friedman - Windy (CD, 1966)
26. Georgie Fame & Blue Flames - Sunny (CD, 1966)
27. Buckinghams - Susan (CD, 1968)
28. Sunrays - Andrea (CD, 1966)
29. Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass - Mae (LP, 1965)
30. Richard & Linda Thompson - Layla (CD, 1978)
31. Donovan - Lalena (CD, 1968)
32. Don Fardon - Lola (45, 1974)
33. Jimi Hendrix - Dolly Dagger (CD, 1971)
34. Scott Walker - Rosemary (CD, 1967)
35. Bud Shank - Michelle (LP, 1965)
36. Four Tops - Bernadette (LP, 1967)
37. Frank Zappa - Valarie (CD, 1970)
38. T. Rex - Buick Mackane (CD, 1970)
39. Paul Revere & Raiders - Louise (LP, 1967)
40. Kinks - Victoria (CD, 1970)
41. Ramsey Lewis - Julia (LP, 1969)
42. Barry Mann - Angelica (45, 1966)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another good show, Alex!
"Susan" by The Buckinghams - what good early 1968 memories! A perfect pop song...except!! Do you know if that record was ever released without that awful annoying irritating unnecessary ill-advised ridiculous noisy part in the middle? I remember hearing it new, and some stations played it with that part edited out, as some oldies stations still do. But are they editing it themselves or was there ever an edited version that Columbia sent out to stations? I still have my original 45 from 1968, plus the Buckinghams' Hits LP, but the song is the complete version on both of them. But here's that rare case where we want the edited version, not the uncut version!
--- Richard Finegan

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Alex:
Regarding our chat about Bob Bogle of The Ventures and Ventures songs with girls' names...
Well I dug through the collection and found, would you believe, 27 different songs!
The Ventures recorded songs about:
Bonnie (two different Bonnies)
Sweet Pea
Linda Lu
Georgy Girl
Billie Joe

On 45's:
"My Bonnie Lies" was on Dolton #55 (1961) and also on their LP "Dance With the Ventures".
"Lolita Ya Ya" and "Lucille" were on Dolton #60 (1962). The former was on the album "Going to the Ventures Dance Party" while the latter was on the "Mashed Potatoes and Gravy" LP.
"Elise" was on UA 45 #392 (1974) and on the LP "Joy" from 1972.
"Amanda's Theme (Haunting Memories)" was on UA 45#1100 from 1977.
"Nadia's Theme" was on UA 45 #1161 (1978) and on the compilation album "20 Greatest Hits" (Tee Vee Records, Canada).
LP tracks:
"Josie" - on album "Another Smash!".
"Frankie and Johnny" (Frankie being a girl's name in this song) was on the LP "Go With The Ventures".
"Sweet Pea" was on the album "Wild Things!".
"Linda Lu" and "Goodnight Irene" were on the LP "Bobby Vee Meets The Ventures".
"Hang On Sloopy" (again a girl's name in the song) was on the album "Where the Action Is".
Four girls' names in one LP: "Georgy Girl", "Ode to Billie Joe", "Sunny" and "Windy" all were on the "$1,000,000 Weekend" LP.
"Proud Mary" was on the "Swamp Rock" album.
"The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" was on the "Flights of Fantasy" LP. That song, as well as "Georgy Girl" and "Proud Mary" were also on the 1971 two-record compilation album "The Ventures".
"Spooky" and Stormy" (both of course are girl's names in the original Classics IV versions) are parts of a medley on the Ventures' "Hawaii Five-0" LP.
"Lonely Karen" and "Cathy's Theme" are included in a compilation album called "Runnin' Strong", on
the Liberty budget label Sunset, and later also on the Pickwick label. Apparently although they're being included in this compilation, neither song (both originals by The Ventures) seems to have been included on any previous album.
Four more in one album: "Sweet Caroline", Michelle", Eleanor Rigby", and "Delilah" are all included on the 1971 LP "10th Anniversary Album".
"Theme For Sally" is on the Ventures' "NASA 25th Anniversary Commemorative Album" from 1984.

So yes it appears The Ventures did do a few songs with girls' names!

And as a double-tribute on last week's show you could have played The Ventures' version of "Theme From Charlie's Angels" (on UA 45 #942 plus also on a couple later compilation albums).

--- Richard Finegan

5:36 PM  

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