Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Playlist for 5/27/08, by Larry "Mad Dog" Miller

The Annual Post-Memorial Day Anti-War Song Program

(Introduction by the Lost and Found Radio Theater of the Airwaves, as Uncle Bob explains to Little Timmy that the proven best way to stop a war is to get a guitar and sing anti-war songs...).

Country Joe and the Fish: “Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag” (EP- jugband version)
Phil Ochs: “Draft Dodger Rag”
Tom Paxton: “Talking Vietnam Potluck Blues”
Leon Russell: “Masters Of War (Old Masters)"
The Fugs: “Kill For Peace”
Eric Burdon: “Sky Pilot”

Buffy Ste. Marie: “Universal Soldier”
Joan Baez: “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya”
Richie Havens: “Handsome Johnny”
Donovan: “The War Drags On”
Peter, Paul and Mary: “The Great Mandella”

Tim Buckley: “No Man Can Find The War”
The Doors: “The Unknown Soldier”
Leon Russell: “Ballad For a Soldier” (Asylum Choir vol. 2)
Creedence Clearwater Revival: “Fortunate Son”
Edwin Starr: “War”

Buffalo Springfield: “Four Days Gone” (request- thanks!)
Graham Nash: “Military Madness”
Stephen Stills: “Soldier”
Loggins and Messina: “Golden Ribbons”
The Grateful Dead: “Morning Dew”

John Lennon: “I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier”
John Lee Hooker: "I Gotta Go To Vietnam”
Lightning Hopkins: “Vietnam War”
Jimmy Cliff: “Vietnam”

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young: “Ohio”
Jefferson Airplane: “Volunteers”
Steppenwolf: “Monster”
Jefferson Airplane: “We Can Be Together”

The best way I can think of to support our troops is to “bring ‘em back alive”.
The best way I can think of to overthrow an evil regime is to register and vote.
You could also try the guitar thing- couldn’t hurt...

Peace- Larry the M

(Breaks music performed on the old 12 string by Mad Dog)


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