Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Playlist by Larry Miller

Here’s what I played today.

WBCN’s 40th anniversary this Saturday, the 15th of March; in 1968, the first song they played on that date to inaugurate the beginning of the change from classical music to rock was:

Cream: “I Feel Free”

Then back in that same year, there was the “Bosstown Sound”:

Ultimate Spinach: “Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess”
Apple Motherhood Band: “Born Under a Bad SIgn”
Orpheus: “Can’t Find the Time To tell You”
Ill Wind: “In My Dark World:”
The Lost: “Mystic”

Bagatelle: “Back on the Farm”
Ford Theater: “Theme for the Masses”
Eden’s Children: “Just Let Go”
Ultimate Spinach II: “Fragmentary March of Green”
Rocking Ramrods (as Puff): “Vacuum”
Chameleon Church: “Camilia is Changing”
Front Page Review: “Valley of Eyes”

(In spite of charges of überhype, this was some pretty good music...)

Then Bill Graham opened the Fillmore East on March 8th of that year.
Here are some of the lineups from that Spring:

Big Brother and the Holding Company: “I Know You Rider” (live in ‘66)
Tim Buckley: “Morning Glory” (Live in London)
Albert King: “The Hunter”

The Doors: ”Break on Through” (Live Doors)
Ars Nova: “Fields of People” (45 rpm single)

Richie Havens: “High Flying Bird” (Live album)
The Troggs: “I Can’t Control Myself”
The United States of America: “Garden of Earthly Delights” (their one and only album)

The Who: “Summertime Blues” (Live at Leeds)
Buddy Guy: “First Time I Met the Blues”
The Free Spirits: “Tattoo Man” (45 rpm single)

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band: “Walkin’ Blues” (First album)
Tom Rush: “When She Wants Good Loving”
Charles Lloyd: “Love In” (live at the Fillmore 1967)

Next week Eli and I talk with Brian Auger.

Stay cool....


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