Monday, November 19, 2007

Novermber 19, 2007 Playlist w/ Host Bob Dubrow

Background music provided by Annexus Quam - Beziehungen (1972)

Set 01:
1. Gravy Train - "Peter" (Second Birth 1973) (Not their second album as assumed and mentioned on air, but their third)
2. East of Eden - "Jig-a-Jig" (1970 bonus track on 2004 CD re-release of Snafu 1970)
3. Judy Henske & Jerry Yester - "Raider" (Farewell Aldebaran 1969)
4. Rockin' Horse - "Julian the Hooligan" (Yes It Is 1971)

Set 02:
1. Aunt Mary - "Path of Your Dream / Mr. Kaye / Nocturnal Voice" (Janus 1973)
2. Stud - "Sail On" (Stud 1971)
3. Dust - "Love Me Hard" (Dust 1971)

(Please excuse my false use of the word "palindrome" in reference to the two bands above...I've always knows what a palindrome was, since my name (Bob) is itself a palindrome, i.e. it reads the same frontwards and backwards. But on air my brain went poot. Were you to spell the name of the band "Stud" backwards it does not, as suggested, read the same at all. However, it does, as I was trying to point out, ALMOST spell the name of the next band, "Dust." Which is ALMOST worth mentioning...and now I've done so twice. Ugh.)

4. Whalefeathers - "Omaha" (Declare 1970)
5. Blue Mountain Eagle - "Feel Like a Bandit" (Blue Mountain Eagle 1970)
6. Shocking Blue - "Venus" (At Home 1969)

Set 03:
1. Stephen Stills - "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" (Just Roll Tape: April 26, 1968 2007)
2. Steve Baron Quartet - "Don't You Hate the Feeling" (The Mother of Us All 1969) (Oops...yeah...I said "quintet." So sue me.)
3. Telegraph Avenue - "Emma" (Volumen 2 1975)
4. The Foundations - "I'm Gonna Be a Rich Man" (1970 from V/A: Blow Your Cool: 20 Prog/Psych Assaults From the UK & Europe compilation 2007)
5. Pluto - "I Really Want It" (1972 bonus track from 2005 CD re-release of Pluto 1972)
6. Family - "See Through Windows" (Music in a Doll's House 1968)
7. Rolling Stones - "Brown Sugar" (1969 alternate version w/Eric Clapton on guitar)

(From notes found online: This bootleg version, which has Eric Clapton playing lead slide guitar, was recorded at a birthday party for Keith Richards. It is widely considered to have been part of an informal audition by Clapton to become The Stones second guitarist. The bootleg version shows why Clapton likely did not get offered the job, or withdrew himself from consideration. While Clapton plays a million notes a minute, his lead has almost no interaction with the rest of the band. It is like a studio musician simply playing along with a CD that has already been recorded. In many interviews, Richards has spoken admiringly of his good friend Clapton's musicianship, but has always commented that the 2-guitar sound he and Ron Wood have developed is not Eric's cup of tea.)

8. Banchee - "I Just Don't Know" (Banchee 1969)

Set 04:
1. Curt Newbury - "Maybe Summer Bells" (Half a Month of May Days 1970) (I thought I was playing "Highchair Blue." Darn, messed up again. Perhaps we will manage to play it next show, eh?)
2. Jon & Robin - "Lucille" (1967 previously released track from Do It Again!: The Best of Jon & Robin compilation 2006)
3. The Shadows of Knight - "The Behemoth" (Back Door Men 1966)
4. Unknown - "?" sung by Meas Samon (196? from V/A: Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk and Pop Music Vol. 1 compilation 2004)
5. Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - "Mas Que Nada" (Herb Alpert Presents 1966)


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