Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lost & Found with Brother Wayne, 10/3/07

Welcome to our newest DJ, at last filling the open slot on
Wednesdays - Brother Wayne. Today's show was all-45's, as
listed below. Be sure to check in every Wednesday to hear
Brother Wayne bring you his twist on the Lost & Found format!

1.(Instrumental) Watts 103rd St Band - 103rd St.Theme
2.Billy Stewart - Ol' Man River (Chess)
3.Esquires - No Doubt About It (Wand)
4.Little Carl Carlton - Drop By My Place (Back Beat)
5.Louis Curry - A Toast to You (M/S)
6.Otis Clay - A Lasting Love (One der ful)
7.Drifters - If You Don't Come Back (Atlantic)
8.Dee Clark - Heartbreak (Constellation)
9.Major Lance - Come See (Okeh)
10.Gene Chandler - If You Can't Be True (Constellation)
11.Billy Butler & the Chanters - My Sweet Woman (Okeh)
12.Howard Tate - Half A Man (Verve)
13.Manhattans - I Call It Love (Carnival)
14.Funk Instrumental # 1
15.Wes Henderson - Reality (Rare Earth)
16.Symphonic Metamorphosis - Reach Out (London)
17.Armageddon - Get Yourself Together Pt.1 (Capitol)
18.Phase IV - Plastic World (Tuff-Nuff)
19.Tommy Strand & the Upper Hand - Funky Way (Fame)
20.Edgar Winter's White Trash - Cool Fool (Epic)
21.Big Barney - The Whole Thang (Grandville)
22.O'Jays - Shattered Man (Trip)
23.Dixie Drifter - Let The Soul Roll On (Archives)
24.Funk Instrumental # 2
25.Lucille Brown & Billy Clark - Both Eyes Open (Dynamo)
26.Continental Showstoppers - Not Too Young (Seventy 7)
27.Chakachas - Stories (Avco)
28.Rick Lisi - Sooozy Boogaloo (Capitol)
29.Tierra - Together (20th Century)
30.David Bryant - My Dashiki (Imperial)
31.King Curtis - Cook Out (Atco)
32.Funk Instrumental # 3
33.Tony Gregory & Family Child - Gimmie Gimmie (Chess)
34.Joe Tex - Chicken Crazy (Dial)
35.Manhattans - I Can't Stand for You To Leave Me (Deluxe)
36.Erma Franklin - I'm Just Not Ready For Love (Shout)
37.Charles Whitehead- Between The Lines (Stone Dogg)
38.Mickey & His Mice - Cracker Jack (Marti)
39.Isley Brothers - Give The Women What They Want (T-Neck)
40.Spiritual Concept - Bull Doo Doo (Phila Int.)
41.Joe Frazier - Try It Again (Jobo)
42.Gaturs - Cold Bear (Ending Instrumental)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you see this message, Brother Wayne. What a funkiful-pschyedi-soulful batch of platters you laid on us listeners! Thanks so much, and keep spinning those great sets!

4:28 PM  
Blogger Brother Wayne said...


Bro. Wayne

6:50 PM  

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