Friday, August 03, 2007

Wed. 8/1 - Jerry Garcia 65'th B'day w/Eli

My semi-annual tribute to Jerry Garcia, on the day that would've been his 65'th birthday.

This was barely the beginning of what I had in mind for this show. Fatigue and lack of adequate preparation time got the best of this show, but listening to it, most of it doesn't sound all that bad.

(R) = By Request
01. Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions - Overseas Stomp
02. Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions - Yes She Do, No She Don't
(Jug band w/Garcia & Bob Weir 1964)

03. The Warlocks - I Can't Come Down
04. The Warlocks - Mindbender (aka Confusions Prince)
(The Grateful Dead in 1965 under their previous name until they found there was another band with this name. The actual box containing this tape said "The Emergency Crew" on it, one of the names that they had temporarily considered before becoming The Grateful Dead).

05. Jefferson Airplane - Today
06. Jefferson Airplane - Coming Back To Me
(From the 1967 "Surrealistic Pillow" album w/Garcia on guitar)

07. Grateful Dead - Dark Star (Fillmore West 2/28/69)

08. Jefferson Starship - Have You Seen The Stars Tonight (R)
09. David Crosby - What Are Their Names?
(#8 and #9 include Garcia and other Dead members)

10. Graham Nash - I Used To Be A King
11. New Riders Of The Purple Sage - Last Lonely Eagle
(#10 and #11 include Garcia on pedal steel)

12. Peter Rowan - Old & In The Way Garcia story
13. Old & In The Way - Pig In A Pen (Garcia banjo/vocal)

14. Jerry Garcia Band - Mighty High (9/11/76 w/Donna Jean Godchaux)
Phone interview: Donna Jean Godchaux-McKay
15. Donna Jean & The Tricksters - All I Gotta Say (2007 demo)

16. Jerry Garcia - The Wheel (R) (solo LP 1972)
17. Garcia & David Grisman - Dreadful Wind And Rain (R)

That was all I had time for. Another pre-recorded memorial tribute to Jerry Garcia that I produced will be airing and streaming on another station in the Boston area on Thursday evening August 9'th (the 12'th anniversary of Jerry's passing) from 7-9 PM EDT. Click here for information.
Thanks again for listening,
Eli Polonsky


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