Friday, September 22, 2006

MP3s/Playlists for Lost & Found - 8/21, 9/4 & 9/18

Hey gang - just a heads up to say my "vacation" from blogging
has come to an end, and I've played catch up in a big way - playlists for my last 3 shows are now up in the usual spot at http://groovetime/
or by clicking on the photo below ... as usual the playlists include an
archive MP3 of the entire show, as well as lots of fab photos of the records played and the movies sampled! DIG:

takin' that midday train

See you on Oct 2nd, for the new season!

Mark Francis


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for adding the creative blog posts and making the programs available a little past their usual expiration date. (I had forgot to listen since I didn't see your postings).

And of course much appreciation for the superbly listenable shows themselves.

9:17 PM  

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