Wednesday, August 17, 2005

August 15 Playlist w/ host Bob Dubrow

The Woodstock Tribute

36 years ago today on Friday August 15, 1969, the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair kicked off in Bethel, New York and concluded early Monday morning on the 18th. Wanna know more? Rent the award winning documentary on DVD, it's a must-see. Today we paid tribute to the landmark cultural and musical event for most of Lost & Found, inserting random stage announcements and banter between the songs from various recorded sources. And gave some special attention to the music of a few of the more "obscure" artists playing the fest.

1. Tim Hardin - If I Were a Carpenter
2. Johnny Winter - Mean Town Blues
3. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young - Sea of Madness
4. Jefferson Airplane - Uncle Sam Blues
5. Janis Joplin - Try
6. Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Put a Spell on You
7. The Left Banke - And Suddenly (studio track co-written and sung by Bert Sommer, who played a 10-song set at Woodstock)
8. Quill - Shrieking Finally (studio track by Boston band that played at Woodstock)
9. Grateful Dead - Turn on Your Lovelight
10. Titus Groan - Hall of Bright Carvings (Titus Groan 1970)


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