Saturday, April 23, 2005

Lost and Found - April 21, 2005 - Guest Host: Sue Safton

With Alex M. in Parts Unknown for the day, we welcomed the return of guest dj Sue, founder and host of Aural Fixation, a longtime WMBR favorite which you can catch every Saturday from 4-6 in the afternoon - Great to hear Sue back on L&F, and she gave us an awesome show once again. I've copied her playlist below, but do yourself a favor and check it out on her own site as it was meant to be seen!

* = new release
1. Bed Music: (compilation) tracks 1-10 Instro Hipsters A Go-Go 2001 Past & Present
2. The Exotics I was Alone Green Crystal Ties vol. 4 (compilation) 1998 Collectibles
3. Lemon Fog Yes I Cry Acid Visions 7 (compilation) 2002 Spalax
4. Black Diamonds Not This Time Before Birdmen Flew #4 (compilation) 2003
5. The Intruders She's Mine Storm In The Garage #3 (compilation) 2004 Akarma
6. Tin Tin He Wants To Be A Star (self titled) 1971 Atco
7. The Daybreakers Psychedelic Siren Psychedelic Microdots vol. 1 (compilation) 1989 Sundazed
8. The Jaybees I'm A Loner Essential Pebbles Vol. 2 (compilation) 1998 AIP
9. *Beau Brummels Triangle Triangle 2005 Warner Brothers
10. Fantastic Zoo Light Show The Psychedelic Experience vols 1 & (compilation) 2003 Subliminal
11. MU (Merril Fankhauser) Land Of MU Return To MU (CD reissue of 1971 recording) 2003 Sundazed
12. Sheperds Heard I Know The World Ain't Round, It's Square (compilation) 1995 Teenage Shutdown
13. Circus Maximus Travelin' Around (self titled) 1967 Vanguard
14. Gary Walker & the Rain Magazine Girl Love Peace and Poetry- British Psych (compilation) 2001 Normal
15. Sopwith Camel Cellophane Woman (self titled) 1967 Kama Sutra
16. She Outta Reach ...Wants A Piece Of You (CD re-issue of 1966 recordings) 1999 Big Beat
17. Sterling Damon Rejected International Artists Singles Collection (compilation) 1989 Decal
18. The Sparkles Hipsville 29 BC (I Need Help) Garage Beat '66 #2 (compilation) 2004 Sundazed
19. Krokodil Looking At Time An Invisible World Revealed (Cd re-issue of 1971 recording) 1999 Second Battle
20. Proto-Kaw Cyclopy Early Recordings From Kansas, 1971-73 2002 Cuneiform
21. Klaatu Little Neutrino 2 Classic Albums (CD re-issue of 1976 & 1977 LPs) 1999 Collector's Choice
22. Peace Pipe The Sun Won't Shine Forever A Deadly Dose Of Wylde Psych (compilation) 2003 Arf Arf
23. The Continentals Sick and Tired Fuzz, Flaykes & Shakes #5 (compilation) 2001 Dionysus
24. *Flash and the Casuals Uptight Tonight History Of Garage & Frat Bands of Memphis 1960-1975 (compilation) 2005 Shangri-La
25. The Primitives Let Them Tell Maladjusted (CD re-issue of 1960's recordings) 2001 Sanctuary
26. The Others Revenge Garage Beat '66 #3 (compilation) 2004 Sundazed
27. Tombstones I Want You Back From The Grave #7 (compilation) 1988 Crypt
28. *23rd Turnoff Another Vincent Van Gogh The Dream Of Michaelangelo (CD re-issue of 1965-67 recordings) 2005 Rpm
29. Hydro Pyro Hydro Pyro Green Crystal Ties vol. 4 (compilation) 1998 Collectibles


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