Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Here it is...again...

Alright, I revised the url to http://lostwmbr.blogspot.com, and changed the backround.

Posting for the inexperienced: - if you can write an e-mail, you can post - when you register, it should lead you to the posting page, but once you are registered, you can go to the "dashboard" page at anytime from the blog by clicking on the blogger icon in the top left of the screen, which is the area where you go to post and control your settings and such. Once on the "create post" page, you will see it is almost exactly like an e-mail template, and can be used as such: fonts, bold/italic, text size, spell check, etc all right there. Just do what you would do in writing a normal e-mail. Once you have your post ready (you can/should preview it before publishing), click on the orange "publish post" button beneath the area you have been writing, on the right. It will then "publish" your post to the blog. Once it has published, I recommend clicking the blue "republish entire blog" button that comes up, to ensure the post goes through. It then gives you an option to view blog, which you will want to do and check out your post. If your post isn't showing at first, it may be that your computer is not showing the "refreshed" version of the page, I find refreshing with a right-click on the mouse is more effective than clicking "refresh" in the browser, and should make the new post show up.

Next time: Photos!


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