Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday 8/29/06- hosted by Larry Miller

Oh no- it’s the dreaded RAIN SET! That’s right folks- after a very rainy August and 4 days in the Poconos getting rained on, it’s the revenge of the old hippy DJ- a bunch songs about RAIN! Or to paraphrase, Samuel Jackson, “I have had with this @&!**#@% rain...” well you get the idea.

Jimi Hendrix: “Rainy Day, Dream Away/ Still Raining, Still Dreaming...” (I morphed together these two parts from Electric Ladyland and made it into one big song. Wheee! )
Led Zeppelin: “The Rain Song”
Traffic: “Rain Maker”

Break: 40th anniversary of the last Beatles live concert...

The Beatles: (you guessed it) “Rain”
Eric Clapton: “Let It Rain” (Leon Russell and friends- Stills on guitar.)
Humble Pie: “I Can’t Stand the Rain” (Killer vocal by Steve Marriot!)
The Move: “Flowers in the Rain” (Not one of their better R&R moments, but hey- it’s a RAIN song...)

Break: But wait- there’s more!

Grateful Dead: “Box of Rain”
Creedence Clearwater Revival: “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”
James Taylor and the Flying Machine: “ Rainy Day Man”
The Byrds: “(See the Sky) About to Rain” (Neil Young song- from a 1973 reunion lp)
The Searchers: “What Have They Done to the Rain” (By Malvina Reynolds, folk legend)

Break: Enough already! Fair warning- next time the weather’s good, you’ll get the Here comes the Sunshine set...)

Bob Dylan: “Black Crow Blues” (from Another Side of...)
Delaney and Bonnie: “Medley: Come in in My Kitchen/ Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean/ Going down the Road Feelin’ Bad” (Duane Allman on bottleneck guitar)
Steven Stills: “Know You’ve Got to Run” (a banjo tune.)
Little Feat: “Roll ‘em Easy”
Ry Cooder: “Goin’ to Brownsville”

Break: Some Rock and Roll and Live JIve:

Rod Stewart: “Cut Across Shorty” (Ron Wood on Slide-)
The Band: “Don’t Do It” (Live version from The Last Waltz- Tower of Power horns)
Rolling Stones: “Little Queenie” (Live, from Get Yer Ya-yas Out- Ian Stewart on piano)
Joe Cocker: “The Letter” (Live, from Mad Dogs and Englishmen)

Break: Closers-

It’s a Beautiful Day: “Hot Summer Day” (request, from their first album)
The Doors: “The Wasp”- (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)
Pacific Gas and Electric: “Are You Ready” (Canned Heat ex-drummer Frank Cook put this great band together)
Lee Michaels: “Do You Know What I Mean” (love that carousel organ sound!)

Next week, Eli’s coming (and I don’t mean the Laura Nyro song...)

Breaks music today was various fine guitar pieces by Leo Kottke, my Hero.


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