Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tuesday 8/15/2006
Larry Miller, celebrating 50 years on the radio...

On The Road Again, as sung by:

Tom Rush (his own original song)
The Loving Spoonful (An old jug-band song)
The Grateful Dead (same song, their own version from 1966-Jerry sings lead)
Canned Heat (Al Wilson original song- a hit!)
Bob Dylan (none of the lyrics include the words “On the Road Again”! )
(Sorry- no Willie.... )

Break: The singer-songwriters:

Eric Anderson: “Dusty Box Car Wall” (couldn’t find Violets of Dawn)
Mark Spoelstra: “White Winged Dove”
Buffy Ste. Marie: “Now That the Buffalo’s Gone”
Patrick Sky: “Many a Mile”
Tom Paxton: “Bottle of Wine”
Phil Ochs: “Draft Dodger Rag”

Break: More Singer-Songwriters:

Mimi & Richard Farina: “Bold Marauder”
Tim Hardin: “If I Were a Carpenter”
Joni Mitchell: “Night in the City”
Donovan: “Catch the Wind”
Simon & Garfunkel: “Patterns”
Bob Dylan: “Visions of Johanna” (From Live 66 )

Break: Live Jive:

George Harrison/ Leon Russell: “Beware of Darkness” (From the concert for Bangladesh)
Derek & the Dominoes: “Little Wing” (Live at the Fillmore)
Jimi Hendrix: “Like a Rolling Stone” (from Monterey Pop)

Break: Cruisin’ The Stacks Of Wax For Goodies:

Orpheus: “I've Never Seen Love Like This”
Mount Rushmore: “Stone Free” (the Hendrix tune)
Stone the Crows w/ Maggie Bell: “Raining in Your Heart”
Blodwyn Pig: “The Squirreling Must Go On” (hot guitar instrumental by Mick Abrahams)

Break: Last Roundup:

New Riders of the Purple Sage: “I Don’t Need No Doctor”
Gram Parsons: “Cry One More TIme” (from GP)
Brewer and Shipley: “Rise Up (Easy Rider)”
Gordon Lightfoot: “Sundown”
Dylan: “She Belongs To Me”
Dave Mason: “Only You Know and I Know”

(Breaks music by “Mad Dog” Miller and his 12-string guitar)


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